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Trump DOJ got Apple data for some House Intelligence Dems, aides, families

Trump DOJ got Apple data for some House Intelligence Dems, aides, families

Prosecutors in the Trump administration DOJ subpoenaed Apple for data from the accounts of House Intelligence Committee Democrats as part of a leak investigation. Rep. Swalwell confirmed that he was notified that his data had been seized as part of the probe as well. The prosecutors were allegedly looking for the sources behind news stories about contacts between Russia and Trump associates.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 1 weeks

Don't let this distract you from the fact that lefty lies about trump have been exposed, including the "Trump tear gassed peaceful protestors for a photo op". Imagine having to lie to make a man look bad, all we have to do is tell the truth about Biden, shame it's never reported on

Morbo 1 weeks

I will never trust main stream media again. I treat every article as false until proven, especially when Trump is involved.

Shmule 1 weeks

There was a Federal investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion hoax. It has been buried under Biden, of course. Swallwell? The guy who slept with a spy? He has no room to complain about being Federally investigated. The wonder is that he is still not in prison. Turns out, the only Russian collusion involved the DNC and the Russian contacts of their paid foreign spy, Steele.

R_Forde 1 weeks

So “sources” say this happened but did it is the real question. Seeing how reliable “sources “ in the news have been in the past.

zJamz 1 weeks

Democrats in an act of sedition were frequently leaking matters of national security.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 1 weeks

I have a vision of Adam Schiff in the future. He's in a nursing home sitting in a chair with a blanket covering his lap. As he sits there, staring off into space, he is muttering, "Trump...Trump...Trump," as some drool escapes his scowling mouth. Actually that is kind of like now, just without the blanket.

Rumple 1 weeks

More like Trump's malfeasence in the White House will likely be exposed for years to come as the damage he has done is yet to be fully revealed.

george 1 weeks

The DOJ did it because they were leaking secure documents to anyone when everyone including China. If Trump were doing that of course he should be spied on. Trump wasn't, in fact, leaking stuff and the democrats STILL spied on him.

Atlas Sharted
Atlas Sharted 1 weeks

When I read an article like this, before reading the comments I imagine “how will the right wingers explain this away.” You little right wing snowflakes in your safe space didn’t disappoint with the “fake news,” what abouts and they deserved it statements. Thanks for the chuckles hang.

butch mccloskey
butch mccloskey 1 weeks

Lmfao at these comments SO WHAT SO WHAT SO WHAT After whining for a solid year about “obamagate” lol I LOVE being on this app when reeeeepubs have… how many branches? Oh yeah, zero

Doug 1 weeks

Barr, Sessions should be subpoenaed to testify about chump revenge investigations. And what about that Whitaker guy?

Runaway 1 weeks

Those whose data was subpoenaed have confirmed as much as Apple, after a gag order had expired, let them know.

Bob Kelso
Bob Kelso 1 weeks

Well consider the pure volume of leaks, and the people who "broke" the leak in congress... they should have been. Strange how 6 months in and not a single leak about anything to cnn.... like it was some coordinated effort.. but hey what do I know

MIDESSA 1 weeks

Oh yes it's the media that's corrupt not the United States Attorny Generals attempt at taking a play from Nixons playbook that's egregious. Just shows how far down the (perverbial) rabbit hole the GOP has sunk in 50yrs. Back then they still had enough integrity to call out one of their own instead of trying to conceal with no witnesses hearings and such. Historically it's taken awhile for the !d!ot mass to recognize atrocities for what they are but they do eventually wake up. Wonder if it will be in my lifetime? I'm 60 now so probably not, maybe my grandkids.

Doug 1 weeks

Unfortunate that original story and follow-up investigation merged into one; bad move. #NewsvoiceFail

FactCheckerNeil 1 weeks

Wasn't this while he was accusing Obama of wiretapping him? 😄

Doug 1 weeks

House investigators should also subpoena former chiefs of staff Preibus, Kelly, Mulvaney, Meadows

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