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Fight over face mask in New York bar leaves one dead

Fight over face mask in New York bar leaves one dead

Rocco Sapienza, 80, died after he hit his head and suffered a seizure during a September 26 fight over a face mask at a bar in upstate New York. Sapienza confronted Donald Lewinski for walking around the interior of bar to purchase drinks and not wearing a mask, ultimately resulting in Lewinski shoving the 80 year old man to the ground. Sapienza died four days after the event.

Cory 2 months

Since it is the bar owners place to enforce the applicable laws in the bar, and not that of the patrons, this guy was out of line. No different than if he was trying to say that someone was over served. Point it out to the staff, don't take it on your self.

Black Mask
Black Mask 2 months

You go into a bar to drink unless the Bar is providing masks with straws, I see no reason to wear a mask while drinking.

Aaron 2 months

New York democrats, VICIOUS!

Glen 2 months

This is what fear mongering accomplishes.

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

Turns out people are more deadly than Corona.

Jon 2 months

Watch the violent right wing extremists defend this. Just watch. They already defended the cops busting open an old man's head on concrete so this is child's play for the violent cultists.

William Sevier
William Sevier 2 months

It's okay to be right, but never dead-right

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