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Russian dissident Navalny was indeed poisoned with nerve gas, OPCW confirms

Russian dissident Navalny was indeed poisoned with nerve gas, OPCW confirms

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which is the world’s top chemical weapons body, has confirmed that the poison used in the attack against Russian opposition voice Aleksei Navalny had ’similar structural characteristics’ to the highly toxic nerve agent Novichok. This confirmation backs the German labs’ claim that said a Soviet-era poison from the Novichok family was used.

Randall 2 months

First, can we really trust the OPCW to tell us the truth? Ref: the "Serian gas attacks" that never happened. Second, if Putin wanted someone dead, that someone would be dead. Third, this man was no threat to Putin's political power. Lastly, this man is an even worse person than Putin. I'm not providing links because this information should be common knowledge.

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 2 months

Randall - you must be a Trumper. Putin is not some saint, and it could be that this individual was able to get medical attention before the chemical actually killed him. Putin was KGB before he became Russia's leader, and his tactics remain the same. Your comments are those that Trump would make to defend this scumbag Putin. Maybe you should go live in Russia and let us know how great it is.

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 2 months

@Cheri 1. Why don't we see Russians moaning about living conditions over there, only foreigners? Maybe YOU should go over there to see what it's actually like. 2. I fail to see the efficiency of using this method compared to conventional, much less obvious, much less traceable ways for governments to make someone disappear.

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