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Ex-Mossad chief signals Israel behind Iran nuclear attacks

Ex-Mossad chief signals Israel behind Iran nuclear attacks

The outgoing chief of Israel’s Mossad has offered the closest acknowledgment yet his country was behind recent attacks targeting Iran’s nuclear program and a military scientist. The comments by Yossi Cohen also gave a clear warning to other scientists in Iran’s nuclear program that they too could become targets for assassination. Cohen did not directly claim the attacks.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 weeks

Imagine my surprise.......go, Israel! At least someone has the testicular fortitude to stand up to Iran.

Mel 1 weeks

tell us something we didn't know about already the world already knew about Israel doing it and they'll do it again if they have to and most people say job well done...

Rumple 1 weeks

If Iran was murdering Israel civilians it would be declared an act of terrorism, and Israel would run to America to help them start a war.

Vark 1 weeks

I'm a far right guy, but Israel has said Iran will nuke them in 5 years since the 1970s. Fight your own battles and stop killing Christians. Inb4 some fake right wing Israel sexual people spam me. I used to be pro Israel, but i just can't anymore. Not after they helped jihadists in syria and helped isis.

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