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2 members of ISIS indicted in US on charges linked to beheadings of US hostages

2 members of ISIS indicted in US on charges linked to beheadings of US hostages

Two terror suspects, dubbed ’The Beatles’ due to their British accent, and who were a part of the Islamic State, have been indicted in the torturing and beheading of American aid workers and journalists among others once held hostage in Syria. The two had earlier been in military custody in Iraq, and are expected to make their first appearance in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia.

Marinewife0317 2 months

Screw the indictment. Since their Quran states, an eye for an eye, it is only fair they too are beheaded.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 2 months

My attitude is they should be released, then immediately killed with a air strike. Technically as they did not commit these actions in the United States and are not US citizens, they such should not be subject to US laws. This also however includes protection the US affords to its citizens. As far as I’m concerned they are hostile billigerants who murdered US non-combatants. At best they deserve a military tribunal in country, and if found guilty, death by firing squad (or hanging if you feel a firing squad would be too “honorable” for them).

Nate 2 months

Honestly the brutality will never end. I agree they should be tourtured for a long time for their actions. However the cycle wont end no matter what.

david dindu
david dindu 2 months

Give them the coronavirus vaccine

Daniel 2 months

Easy death sentence

joel 2 months

Fryem like bacon!!

Trevelyn 2 months

Lets go back to a eye for an eye .

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