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Trump calls his Covid infection ’God’s blessing,’ hails unproven drug as ’cure’

Trump calls his Covid infection ’God’s blessing,’ hails unproven drug as ’cure’

After returning to the Oval Office despite lingering Covid-related concerns, President Donald Trump likened his coronavirus infection to ’a blessing from God.’ In a video message, he also said an experimental drug from Regeneron Pharma helped him recover and vowed to bring it to Americans for free, touting it as a ’cure.’ Since then, Regeneron applied to the FDA for emergency approval of the drug.

Jack 2 months

More derealization. Wait until he says surviving Covid gives you strength, or is GREAT.

Black Mask
Black Mask 2 months

I don't care if its Trump or Biden. I refuse to take any vaccine where the Federal Government had to make it law in 1988 no matter if injury or death occurs the People are not allowed to sue the vaccine manufacturers. 42 USC 300AA-22

LoveMyCats 2 months

It’s the med cocktail that contains dexamethsone, a decently potent steroid that’s 25x stronger than hydrocortisone. Not surprised if that’s what’s got him feeling “real good” and making these weird claims how God is behind it in a benevolent way

Mac 2 months

Trump is a human trash pile, its over he lost. No coming back from this idiocy lol

Seekster 2 months

Blessing in disguise perhaps...we shall see.

Unity.Nat 2 months

Glad he is being optomistic instead of the Demonic Democrats who want you to stay in your homes and fear for your life. Wear a Mask! Stay inside! Only listen to your politican when visiting family!!

Jon 2 months

Hey guys did you hear all our Covid treatments will be free!!!! 😭🤣🤣 'an't even get tested for free right now.

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 2 months

Bigger news in this story is just watch the video in the first article. Always ignore what bias people type and listen to the big guys own words. He said he liked that treatment so much he wants everyone in the country to be to get the same exact treatment as our President and that he's going to figure out how to pay for it (no out of pocket cost to Americans). Seems more excited about this treatment than a vaccine.

ChicoChadd 2 months

He said Covid was fake ever since this has started. Now he is taken medical care and quarantine. This is so unbelievable and needs to be proven that he even took a shot.

Dagoberto 2 months

Republicans can not even protect the president, his family and the members of the white house from Covid19. How can we expect them to protect us and our children? They are not only Corrupt, they could care less. Vote.

Jon 2 months

Trump needs to be tested for dementia, Alzheimer’s and narcissistic personality disorder.

hannan 2 months

Is it just me or does anyone think Trump lied about having COVID precisely for this moment? To show that COVID isn't a big deal and that there's a vaccine and he'll make it free?

IvoryDove 2 months

A reminder "Anthropogenic Global Climate Change" is also an unproven theory.... Yet the Democrats want to crush our economy and our liberty to fix it.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 2 months

Hahahaha! Another future broken promise!

Black Mask
Black Mask 2 months

14th Century Man had the Plague Doctors, modern Man has Dr Fauci.

808HIvibes 2 months

It’s only free if you elect him again, otherwise, no backsies.

Sandra 2 months

How is that blessing working for the 34 members of WH staff and Secret Service, now critical?

Delterra 2 months

Oh boy

Jax Milovitch
Jax Milovitch 2 months

Haha I expected this so much. For the emperor , space marines attack !

Jon 2 months

Hermain Caine was supposedly doing great and died 3 days later...

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