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Putin says Biden ’radically different’ from ’colorful’ Trump

Putin says Biden ’radically different’ from ’colorful’ Trump

Russian President Putin has said US-Russia relations are at their lowest point in years, in an interview ahead of his meeting with the US President Biden next week. Putin and Biden will meet in Geneva on Wednesday. Putin characterized former President Trump as ’an extraordinary individual, talented individual’, but impulsive, and said Biden was ’radically different’ from the ’colorful’ Trump.

Shmule 1 months

By impulsive he must mean independent thinker. Biden is the same old lackey of external forces that Putin must be used to encountering.

Martin 1 months

Putin & Trump were virtually two peas in a pod. He just doesn’t like because he can’t get Biden in his pocket as easily.

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 1 months

Trump is lucid and funny whereas Biden has dementia and is aggressive even to his supporters.

dan 1 months

not 1 sentence about biden lifting sanctions on russia's pipeline company? 1 of the first things biden did when he got in office. don't believe the hipe people, biden has already done putin a big favor, the rest is theater

Alex 1 months

That doesn’t say much. Anyone, everyone is radically different than the orange turd

Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 1 months

He didn’t mean “radically different” in a good way. He was referring to the fact that Biden is a career politician in contrast to Trump who was not a politician. Yes Trump is impulsive and that would naturally keep other leaders on edge because they don’t know how he’ll react to things. But, bumbling Biden is very predictable and always walking the political party line approaching other world leaders with cheesy, creepy smile and hypocrisy firmly in place ready to say one thing and do another…. And therefore radically different than Trump who approaches talks with other leaders like a businessman approaches competing corporations keeping his friends close and his enemies closer.

Jack 1 months

Putin's just mad he doesn't have a US President to bend over for him anymore.

Angela Clark
Angela Clark 1 months

Do we as the most powerful Country in the world really give 2 💩’s what V.Putin, a man whose murders his own people and poisons&& murders his opponents and is a nasty human being really care what he thinks! Of course he like tRump, he rigged the 2016 election in tRumps favor and tRump did as he was told by Putin like he took away the sanctions on Russia!!

Dave 1 months

He's changed his tune when he was daring Biden to a live televised debate last month. How much did Biden give him?

Ironborn Pyke
Ironborn Pyke 1 months

Translated another way - Biden is predictable and easy to read and with Trump he had no idea how to manipulate him.

Darren 1 months

Didn't Biden call him a killer

Rafal 1 months

Just don't get us tied up in a war

Indo 1 months

How about you commies trying some of that. You take the seat and become Permanent Residents there. And your people must say, Long Live to you !? Forever as well !? Sorry but there are no god vacancies on earth.

Convict 1 months

Hey, clara. You misrepresent Puntin's statements by using the word "impulsive" in the title. Don't be a buzzfeed.

Idaho Liberal
Idaho Liberal 1 months

By that he means he cannot manipulate Biden

John W
John W 1 months

Impulsive, as in having a pulse. It's hard to tell with Biden.

Alex 1 months

Biden has no strings for Putin

Michael 1 months

Since when did America care what Putin thinks. Thanks Biden

zJamz 1 months

I wonder if they talked about the millions Hunter got from the ex-Mayor of Moscow's wife

Daniel 1 months

Further proof that Trump was dealing with this thug the correct way.

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