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Pence says Biden would have ’killed two million people’ fighting Covid-19

Pence says Biden would have ’killed two million people’ fighting Covid-19

During his VP debate with Kamala Harris, Mike Pence sought to rubbish claims that Democratic presidential challenger Joe Biden would have handled the Covid-19 crisis better than President Trump. Raising the 2009 US swine flu outbreak during President Barack Obama and Vice President Biden’s first term, Pence said had it been as deadly as Covid-19, ’the country would have lost two million lives.’

intherough 2 months

Well, I think it's a good guess since Biden would not have closed the border when Trump did, cuz he was against it. Makes sense there would be lots more dead. Just using logic. I loved Pence's remark that Harris did not give the American people enough credit. We were told that if we did everything right there would be 200,000 dead instead of 2 million. Looks like we done good. And, if Cuomo and the powers that be in Michigan had not put Co-vid positive people in nursing homes, that number would be even lower. Sayin...

Ryan 2 months

I don’t know about the 2mil number, but for sure a hell of a lot more than what we currently have

Cybil 2 months

The death toll is still rising... give it time.. covid isn't through yet.

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