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Waymo’s robo-taxi service opens to the public in Phoenix

Waymo’s robo-taxi service opens to the public in Phoenix

Seven months after the coronavirus halted Waymo’s autonomous ride service in Phoenix, the Google’s robo-taxi service is resuming fully automated operations for current members of its Waymo One service in Phoenix. Within a few weeks, Waymo plans to open access to anyone who downloads its smartphone app Rides within a 50-square-mile area around Chandler, Arizona.

Andrew 2 months

I can see this ending poorly. Autonomous cars are constantly learning, sending back data, and reinforcing positive (hopefully) behaviours. This is at least how Tesla's work, and THEY still have issues with AD. I haven't even heard of this company before and they're throwing a full hail-mary. Should be interesting to see!

Donald 2 months

Right next to Bill Gates' 5G smart city "belmont" of his priorities since 2017...

Randy 2 months

Popcorn is ready. Aside from the obvious safety and security issues... You know what is going to be going on in those things.

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