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Prominent GOP fundraiser charged with illicit lobbying on 1MDB

Prominent GOP fundraiser charged with illicit lobbying on 1MDB

Elliott Broidy, a prominent GOP fundraiser, has been charged in a covert lobbying campaign aimed at getting the Trump administration to drop an investigation into the multibillion-dollar looting of 1MDB. Broidy is the latest accused by the DOJ of participating in the lobbying effort. Broidy faces a single conspiracy charge related to his failure to register his efforts under the FARA US.

Jim 2 months

I have no idea who this guy is but how do you conspire to violate lobbying laws . I would think that’s a charge in which you would actually have to it before it could be argued that you did it.

MozartFX 2 months

Fake gobbledygook. Feds working overtime to get Trump out.

Jon 2 months

Just add it to the list of indicted criminals in the Trump campaign. What's that 8 now?

AgentStepford 2 months

I've lost count. Another close associate of Trump is indicted. Is this number 8 or 9? Wanna know how many Obama associates were indicted? Zero.

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