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Trump suggests he may have gotten COVID at other than ACB event

Trump suggests he may have gotten COVID at other than ACB event

Trump on Thursday hinted that he might have been infected by Covid-19 at a White House event involving veterans and their families. ’They want to hug me and they want to kiss me,’ he said in an interview. ’And frankly, I’m not telling them to back up... But I did say it’s obviously dangerous.’The event, honoring Gold Star families, held indoors, on Sept. 27.

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 2 months

Just another one of his lies and distractions. He needs to blame someone for his lack of taking precautions, so he elected to lay the blame on the Gold Star Families. Trump ALWAYS has to blame someone, but this is absolutely shameful that he would choose this group of individuals. Haven't they lost enough without this imbecil president blaming them for his Covid-19. He is despicable whether you Trumpers like it or not. Someday he will burn in hell for the things he has done and said!!!!

ShadowDreik 2 months

Hugging people, what a monster! Their’s no way you can catch a virus doing that. The nerve of him retracing his steps to figure out where he caught it.

Rocky 2 months

Probably far more likely than the outdoor event for ACB. Indoor events with direct contact have an exponentially higher chance of transmitting the virus.

Charles 2 months

A claim like this can be verified VERY quickly with some contact tracing of attendees at the SCOTUS Rose Garden announcement and the Gold Star family gathering. Different times, different groups, current patient known. Science can answer the claim.

Ty 2 months

Just once it would be nice for him to take responsibility for something rather than blame others

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

This is almost as bad as that one time Trump dumped a whole box of fish food into the Koi pond.

Jack 2 months

Blame yourself for your behavior.

michael 2 months

Continuing his attacks on actual veterans.

saad 2 months

Why are only right wing leaders getting COVID? US, Brazil, England?

Dawesenm 2 months


John W
John W 2 months

At least 11 presidential debate organizers contracted the coronavirus, Cleveland officials say The moderator from Tuesday’s presidential debate says there was an “honor system” for both campaigns when it came to completing COVID-19 tests for their staff ahead of the event

William 2 months

A reporter asks Trump why masks were not being worn at the Gold Star Families event, and he explains why. He says that even though its dangerous, he is still going to hug them. This response is then twisted into Trump blaming getting Covid on Gold Star Families. MSM #1 threat to our republic, and democracy.

Burger 2 months

Throwing the troops under the bus....again.

C 2 months

I LOVE the misleading headline. WTG with the deception liberals. Edit: now it's changed to be truthful

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