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Supreme Court blocks requireing in-person dispensing of abortion drug for now

Supreme Court blocks requireing in-person dispensing of abortion drug for now

The Supreme Court has declined to reinstate restrictions for now on patients seeking to obtain a drug used for abortions early in pregnancy. The court left in place a lower court ruling blocking, due to health concerns from the Covid-19 pandemic, rules that require an in-person visit with a medical professional to pick up the medication. The order is a loss for the Trump administration.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 1 months

Im fine with day after pills before you know whether or not you conceived so long as you buy a thing of condoms or birth control with the medication proving you're taking as much precaution to prevent conception in the first place and that the pill is merely insurance. Adults need to pratice sex responsibly. Abortions are no excuse for poor choices. Im only talking about scenarios of consentual sex which makes up 99% of abortions, im fine with abortions in terms of rape so long as the rape is reported within 48 hours with a rape kit being preformed only way to prevent women from lying in order to recieve abortions. I believe if a Rape leads to pregnancy and its terminated I think the rapist should also have a man slaughter added to his charges.

ilure 1 months

How many more COVID related deaths will be caused by the leftists? The vast majority of the 200k plus deaths have been in democrat governed states. They also have the highest death rate amongst population. The long term effects from the lockdowns will lead to increased depression and suicide, decreased economic stability and healthcare, and now increased abortions.

Black Mask
Black Mask 1 months

Not going to turn out good, men will buy the pill and spike women's drinks.

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