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Woman fails to prove the Covid vaccine made her magnetic during House hearing

Woman fails to prove the Covid vaccine made her magnetic during House hearing

A nurse during an Ohio House hearing on Thursday tried to prove a debunked theory that taking the Covid-19 vaccine makes a person ’magnetic.’ Joanna Overholt tried to place a key and pin against her body in an effort to prove the conspiracy theory, though the attempt ultimately failed. Overholt testified in favor of the proposed Enact Vaccine Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act.

Chris 1 months

Are people actually so dumb or was this a joke?

edwin 1 months

Haha, okay that is funny. I could see the injection site becoming magnetically responsive if there was metal in the injection... but becoming magnetic? What was she smoking? The normal side effects of botched vaccines are bad enough without making stuff up. Seizures, organ damage, etc.

Marc 1 months

They are even too stupid to know that most keys are NOT magnetic (made of brass, sometimes alloy)... just ask a goddamn locksmith!!

solodolo 1 months

The fact that she is a nurse is more scary to me than if the object would have actually become magnetized to her neck.

John 1 months

All she proved is that she is slightly sticky and all crazy.

Test Steam
Test Steam 1 months

The question is did she try this first before going... Live. Surely she did, so what's her agenda?

Randall 1 months

That had to be embarrassing. I've seen her YouTube video last month and it looked like she was just sweaty and sticky. Apparently, this time she was freshly showered and the courtroom was sufficiently cooled so the trick didn't work. I think we've all seen this same trick done by kids where they stick all kinds of silverware on themselves as though they were "magnetic" or magic. If she really wanted to prove that she was emitting a magnetic field there are apps anyone with a smartphone can download that will detect the presence of a magnetic field.

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