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Mass shootings overnight in three US cities

Mass shootings overnight in three US cities

One person was killed and at least eight others injured, including two kids, in a mass shooting inside a Savannah, Georgia, apartment complex Friday night. It was one of three mass shootings in the country overnight. In Austin, Texas, 13 people were injured when a man shot into a downtown crowd. In Chicago, 10 were shot and one killed when two men shot up a street on the South Side.

Seekster 1 months

To those who don't know. Austin is the quarantine zone where we Texans keep our leftists. It has about as much cultural connections to Texas as Portland does.

Frank Raynolds
Frank Raynolds 1 months

By the left's own definition, these are NOT "mass shootings". By their definitions, four people have to be killed. I am full throttle tired of manipulative BS article titles.

zJamz 1 months

Austin has been pushing to defund their police and allow massive homeless camps in the city with rampant drug use. Combined with Biden's policy of letting everyone cross the border lead to a bad time. Cartel members were recently crossing as have been those from terrorist groups.

B 1 months

Nothing will change as long as the cowards keep going after law abiding citizens (because it is easy) instead of getting tough on actual criminals(because it is harder). Zero of the new laws and proposed laws will make a difference.

edwin 1 months

For Chicago, using the flimsy definition in use, dont they have 1-3 mass shootings every weekend? Its called a gang drive by.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 months

It's ok bcs nearly everyone in Texas has a gun.... So there is bound to be some good guys right? Bcs I certainly don't see them.

Alex 1 months

When Republicans make it easier to buy a gun than it is to vote, this is what happens . Anyone with a mental disorder can buy a gun. In Texas anyone can buy a gun and carry it without a license or background check, or mental check. Of course this is going to happen what else would you expect?

Memphis 1 months

Lol all you people talking about politics are weird. How when you hear mass shooting the next thing you think about is politics fuckin weirdos man i swear

judd 1 months

Dems working overtime to create the need for the gun grab. Wonder how they find the freaks willing to carry out their dirty deeds.

Jackson 1 months

Ffs I'm pro gun but don't pretend that cutting down gun controll will lead to miraculous "good guys with guns" saving the day.

Mediocrity's 1 months

It will never end. I've given up hope

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 1 months

All of the suspects are black.

good4you 1 months

The shooting has been 2-3 over weeks, now 3 mass shooting overnights. More guns, more shooting, where were all the good people who carry goes? Does it mean more people needs to buy more guns?

Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon 1 months

3 mass shootings and only 2 dead. It seems the standards are slipping?

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 1 months

Another day, another mass shooting. How many will be gunned down tomorrow? We can only guess and make bets. God bless the glorious 2nd ammendment!

eggstinater 1 months

I see the only Republican defense here is to blame it on the Democrats. Can't ever take responsibility, eh? The simplest and easiest solution to all of this is better control over guns. You never hear of daily knife attacks in the UK or anywhere in Europe, let alone 3 in one night.

The Autarch
The Autarch 1 months

I only see two mass shootings and a regular weekend in Chicago here.

Ned_Flanders 1 months

If you wanna keep your guns learn to not get shot. I say look at the Matrix movie for inspiration. Just lean backwards. Problem solved.

Kurt 1 months

A shooting in Chicago… in other news the sun will set later today.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 months

Those doggone white supremacists and their AR-15s really are the biggest existential threa......what?.........nevermind.

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