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Trump rallies supporters at White House event

Trump rallies supporters at White House event

President Trump rallied supporters at the White House on Saturday in his first public event since he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Trump sought to woo Black and Hispanic voters, saying ’The homes and churches and businesses of Black and Hispanic Americans have been looted’, slamming Joe Biden for calling protesters ’peaceful’. ’We got to vote these people (Democrats) into oblivion’, he added.

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

Everytime Trump holds a rally or gives a speech I read articles saying "Trump's supporters waved their arms and cheered when Trump spoke," or "they stood shoulder to shoulder to hear him speak." Like I'm supposed to be ashamed I'm having an electric time instead of sitting in my living room for a virtual rally for Harris Biden.

Neil 2 months

Blexit represents the downfall of the Dem party- they’ve been outed as the historically racist party of the KKK that they are. 35% of black folks support Trump- That’s 3 times the norm- Dems know they can’t win. Candace Owens is a great American patriot- one day she’ll be POTUS

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 2 months

Stop voting for your masters which intend to make your lives worse! Get out of the cycle!

Seekster 2 months

I am legitimately curious. Are there any African Americans on here who can help me to understand why nearly all African American voters choose to vote for Democrats?

Indo 2 months

You would do a whole lot better if you can get them to teach out to their origins. Create a whole new era in commerce.

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