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Schiff blasts Trump for holding another White House ’super-spreader’

Schiff blasts Trump for holding another White House ’super-spreader’

Rep. Adam Schiff blasted President Trump for holding a public event at the White House on Saturday barely a week since he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Schiff said it was ’morally bankrupt’ for Trump to hold ’another super-spreader rally’ at the White House. The White House said in advance of Saturday’s event that those attending would be required to undergo a temperature check and wear face masks.

JustSomeGuy 2 months

Is that not the Blexit movement? From what I saw a good portion were wearing masks and they were outside. I guess Schiff is only concerned when blacks who support Trump get together, otherwise it's BLM!!!!

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

Did you know that if you go to a Trump rally you will get chimney sweep coal miner cancer? It's like regular cancer but worse because it's contagious. The only cure is using a specific pattern of lung muscles rapidly and intensely, a breathing exercise if you will. Shout at the top of your lungs something that rhymes with See Bell Men and you will be safe from cancer. 2/10 of one million people have died, you better get to hooting and hollering if you want to be safe.

Richard 2 months

Lol, him talking about morals, that's grand.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 2 months

You are Constitutionally bankrupt among morally bankrupt. So you can STFU.

Glen 2 months

Schiff is the most corrupt politician in DC.

Come on Man!!
Come on Man!! 2 months

Poor shifty schiff, with a face like that it was either politics or used car salesmen.

Ryan 2 months

Just label it as a BLM protest and they’ll be not only immune to COVID-19, but also gain such moral superiority that they cannot be criticized by mainstream media that disagree with them

Angry_Face 2 months

Its up to the individual's if they want to go and see him regardless of his covid status SIMPLE AS THAT nothing moral about it 🙄

Montgomery 2 months

Why can these trumperts not understand, they will spread the virus and kill everyone !!! 159% of Americans will be dead by 2021 if we don't stop them !!! They will never be like the unspreadables (BLM, Antifa and Bidophiles). Those guys cannot spread the virus. It's #Science !!!

Rocket 2 months

The only one "Morally Bankrupt" is Shifty Shifty!

Barry 2 months

If they Republican party wants to purposely lower their voting numbers why not let them?

KeybladeMasterAndy 2 months

It's funny how 5 months after riots started, NOW the term "super-spreader" is being applied to gatherings.

Indo 2 months

Sorry bud, bit your nation is in that state. Don't throw it on one man Own up and get things right. Its your own ass if you don't.

Randy 2 months

Trump has singlehandedly exposed the virus for what it is... Beatable... Even if you are an obese senior man. I'm not even for Trump, but he should double down on this for the good of the country. The only way through the pandemic is driving right into it. We cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 months

Are we supposed to believe he actually cares about Trump supporters?

oda755 2 months

How come Adam is not in prison

Seth 2 months

Plz God make Schiff lose this election

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