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Protester shot dead in Denver during demonstration

Protester shot dead in Denver during demonstration

One person was shot and killed, and a local news station’s private security guard was in custody Saturday after protests between opposing groups turned violent in Denver’s Civic Center Park. The man killed was part of a pro-police ’Patriot Rally’. The private security guard has no affiliation with Antifa, the Denver Police Department tweeted.

John W
John W 2 months

Armed security dressed in all black t-shirt and jeans? Gets in verbal confrontation with rally members walking by? I call major BS. If he's security, whomever employed him is inline for a major lawsuit. It's illegal for armed security to be out if uniform wondering on a public street, starting fights. This story is bunk.

Clay 2 months

How long are conservatives going to let each other be killed, and prosecuted unjustly when they choose to defend themselves? This is going nowhere good.

Dagoberto 2 months

Violence is not an option. We need to address our differences in a civil, socially acceptable manner. Vote.

John W
John W 2 months

Photo right before shooting. Shooter looks nor dresses like security guard. He is also on a public area. Security would be protecting property not on the ouside if a fence in antifa garb. This is denver police providing cover. The shooter also has a red and black tattoo on his inner wirist common to antifa. You cant see the exact shape but it's definitely a black background with something smaller that's red. Antifa has black background with red flag.

oda755 2 months

The Democratic socialist party endorse this type of behavior, go ahead and keep voting for the Nazi party. They will strip every right you have.

John W
John W 2 months

Unedited version of the shooting. shooter's social media shows he's a hard core leftist, antifa tattoo. Info on his social media and his Antifa tattoo.

IvoryDove 2 months

Why isn't George Soros arrested yet? He's funding this.

Indo 2 months

Something as simple as telling daffy the duck to stop quacking turns into an ugly mess. Just how do you reckon to lead the world.

ian 2 months

News voice " unbias" - I've noticed that's not true at all. The person was absolutely apart of Antifa. He has an Antifa tattoo, and follows an Antifa Facebook group.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 2 months

And yet his socialist media accounts, comments, tattoo tells a very different story. The News outlet he was hired by has been identified as an ANTIFA media outlet, allowed to film ANTIFA events unharassed and unhindered by the Democrats revolutionary street militias.

Doug 2 months

The police tweet is a lie. There is plenty of evidence showing the shooter is an avowed leftist. Posts, pictures, and videos. Not to mention a tattoo. No one respects a PD that tells lies. He simply isn't actively organizing for the left. He's a follower. So why didn't Pinkerton bother to screen this guy before hiring him?

David 2 months

Don't you like how the media spins patriots as right wing extremists. It is now offensive to love your country and want the best for it.

John W
John W 2 months

Police identify security guard suspected in fatal shooting during Denver protests Matthew Dolloff was working as private security for a television station Like how the call a protest where antif/blm bring cans to throw at Trump supporters a counter protest food drive. "Soup drive" flyer "Dozens of socialists and communists scheduled a food drive as a counter-protest to a planned rally by conservative groups." 😂 Food drive.🤪

John W
John W 2 months

Reporter used his press pass to get shooter near the Trump supporters. ((( Zack Newman ))) (@ZackNewsMan) Tweeted: I’m trying to get into the patriot side, but there are about 30 sheriff deputies and officers preventing me from getting in. Apparently you had to be in by 2:25 pm. They’re not letting anyone in, press or supporters 4/ #9News

John W
John W 2 months

Shooter did not have a required permit to work security in the city. Pinkerton is not responding to if he is even a employee. Pinkerton, the security company 9News said it contracted with for the protest, did not immediately reply to questions from The Post sent Sunday morning. “We do not currently have an active license and have never had an active license for anybody with that name,” he said. “If he was operating as a security guard, he was in violation of the law.” The cities of Denver, Colorado Springs and Glendale require private security guards to obtain city-issued licenses, though there are no statewide license requirements. Denver’s licensing process requires guards to complete 16 hours of training by an “eligible training provider” before working in the city. Further training is required before a guard can carry a firearm during work or dress in plainclothes. Someone working as private security without the required license can face up to a $999 fine and a year in jail, Escudero said. If a registered security company employs guards who are not licensed, the company can also face fines and the suspension or revocation of their license.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 2 months

The double standards in some people are obvious and apparently with the response to this story and the Kyle Rittenhouse. Facts still coming out.

Jim 2 months

Yesterday’s report on this said the shooter was hired by a local news station to protect reporters - just saying.

John W
John W 2 months

Second reporter a female, the one taking the photos you see is supposedly very anti cop, and pro antifa. She's always by antifa and other leftist causes, and posts very postive stories about them. The Denver Post Photo/Helen H. Richardson via AP

TemporaryZen 2 months

It’s not a right to defend oneself if it’s against those on the right, judging by these comments.

Rocky 2 months

Haha. I love how someone snuck in the lie about the security guard not being affiliated with Antifa.

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