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New Zealand to apologize for ’racist’ historic police raids in the 1970s

New Zealand to apologize for ’racist’ historic police raids in the 1970s

New Zealand’s government will formally apologize for an immigration crackdown done 50 years ago in which Pacific people were targeted for deportation. PM Jacinda Ardern said Monday the notorious ’dawn raids’ were carried out by police and immigration officials seeking to identify and deport visa overstayers. ’They were routinely severe with demeaning verbal and physical treatment,’ Ardern said.

TexasReb 1 months

Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with what they did. The people that the rounded up were criminals by intentionally overstaying their Visa in order to illegally immigrate. They basically invaded Australia. That's what's happening in the USA at the moment.

MrWizard 1 months

This is not the job of the government. The ones who should be apologizing should be the ones actually responsible for the matter in question. And since the matter in question happened many years ago, most likely those people are already dead. If they are not dead, then why not make them apologize? And assuming those people did so, what effect would said apologies have?

Admiral Jezza
Admiral Jezza 1 months

"It's because of racism" "Visa overstayers" So it's not actually due to racism?

jon 1 months

Dear western world: this is what happens when all the testosterone runs out. Please learn from the Kiwis' mistake.

Gordon 1 months

So when is Zimbabwe going to apologize to the White farmers they stole from?

Morbo 1 months

Pathetic, China is watching the failed experiment that is democracy and laughs. Any culture this weak deserves to die and trust me the west is going soon.

Jon 1 months

Sorry, sorry, just trying to confirm something. "Visa Overstayers"? Could an actual Kiwi explain what this means? Are we talking about tourists who got drunk on the beach and missed their flights home?

Mike 1 months

So he's apologizing because immigration laws were enforced?

Martin 1 months

As if an apology does anything. More anti white rhetoric.

MIDESSA 1 months

Wonder if we will ever be able to acknowledge our own past atrocities or will we continue to pretend we dont have any?

Shmule 1 months

Virtue signaling is also an epidemic.

Seekster 1 months

New Zealand is to Australia as Oregon is to Texas.

Mandraquex3000 1 months

Deep throat ballz new zealand

J.C. 1 months

It's War on Whites!!!

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