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Politico reporter: Biden ’sounding very much like Trump’ on ’chicanery’ comment

Politico reporter: Biden ’sounding very much like Trump’ on ’chicanery’ comment

Blake Hounshell, Washington and politics managing editor of Politico claimed that former Vice President Joe Biden sounded very much like President Donald Trump, after the Democratic Presidential nominee claimed that the only way he could lose the 2020 election was through ’chicanery.’ Mr. Biden was addressing voters during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania, when he urged voters to vote for him.

JustSomeGuy 2 months

So decade's old video of Biden saying he was against court packing then is now proof that he's against it now, deapite other high ranking Dems have now advocated for it? But multiple recent clips of Trump denouncing white supremacy isn't enough...

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 2 months

Trump can’t “rewrite debate schedule” but you can rewrite the rules last minute 🙄 (in reference to the CNN article that isn’t actually about court stacking)

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

Let's believe things people say decades ago and apply them now. Let's start with Tara Reade. Oh....

Der Kaiser
Der Kaiser 2 months

I think we've got too many Supreme Court justices already! 3 justices would be fine. In fact more may get done with fewer justices.

Rob 2 months

Lol, and around the same time he was against desegregation of schools, saying he didn't want his kids in a "racial jungle"

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