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Investor paid Epstein at least $50M after sex-crime plea

Investor paid Epstein at least $50M after sex-crime plea

Billionaire investor Leon Black is alleged to have funneled millions of dollars to Jeffrey Epstein even after Epstein became a convicted sex criminal. Black sent Epstein at least $50M in consulting fees and charitable donations in the years following Epstein’s 2008 guilty plea. Black has said he visited Epstein’s private island for a brief picnic ’while on a family holiday nearby’.

porcus 2 weeks

NYPost article states, incorrectly, that Epstein killed himself. I cannot think of a single person who believes that happened. As for the payments that Epstein received I would DEARLY love to see that published openly, and have some sunshine lighting up all the rats and roaches involved.

Glen 2 weeks

Epstein news has to be the biggest coverup in American history. Will we ever know the truth?

john 2 weeks

This is ridiculous why would anybody on here know why Jeffrey Epstein would pay somebody

Neil 2 weeks

Let me guess- he paid Epstein hush money to keep it secret that he had sex with kids? just a guess mind you.

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