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Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing to start on Monday

Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing to start on Monday

Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing is set to start on Monday. Senators Todd Young and Michael Braun, along with Patricia O’Hara, a former Notre Dame law professor, will begin the hearing by giving five-minute speeches on Judge Barrett’s qualifications. Barrett then will provide her opening statement to the committee and questioning will begin on Tuesday.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 2 months

My guess is a bunch of Dems asking a question and then taking back their time before it can be answered.

porcus 2 months

Predictions [expand]: - FUD about abortion - FUD about her religion, and her extremeism for being a Christian - FUD about how her strong and stable marriage, elebenty kids, and successful career will push feminism to the brink of the stone age - FUD about her views on gender and whether she will say that some men menstruate - FUD on her college life and actions - FUD on uncorroborated innuendo, slander, gossip, and lies from "anonymous" sources - FUD about her husband and how much sway he will have over her (as if she is mindless) - FUD over her whiteness

IvoryDove 2 months

Let's pray McConnell puts up with no BS.

oda755 2 months

I guess the Democratic socialist party will have witness saying she raped them. You have to take a man's word if he was raped. Priceless 😂

Jim 2 months

Tread carefully Libs, youve shown how u will treat consetvative men, treat a woman with 7 kids badly and you may not win the presidency for 20 more years — remember you say you are advocates for women’s rights. Watch out or you may just show that you only really support liberal women.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 2 months

I guess they will attack her faith.. call her not black enough then precede to call her a rapist (for consistency sake)

William 2 months

Roe v wade was a disgrace to the system, built on lies funded by extremists. I hope she gets confirmed and helps to right the biggest blemish on our highest Court funded by extremists from the socialist people..... The two main witnesses for the pro choice (planned parenthood/ LMAO) were paid to fabricate there testimony..... and the Left is ok with Law being founded upon lies.... but they are"good" and want what's best for you.... open your eyes 👀👀👀👀 before it is too late 💀💀🤯🤯💀💀 Planned parenthood..... oxymoron if ever there was one.... planned death is more accurate.... politicly speaking of course.

MrLoseddos 2 months

Remember Kavanaugh, the dems will do all they can to smear Barrett without any reason, and then reeeee and reclaim their time.

Mark 2 months

Both sides are playing politics with the nomination but with the court being liberal for so long, a turn to the right is logical.

Randall 2 months

Screw the people, but we've got time for this before we go on vacation again.

Rebeca 2 months

Sure. Just remember "If Its & Buts were Candy & Nuts, we'd all have Merry Christmas".

Ty 2 months

Our Lord and Savior is punishing America for our sins with Trump and his gang. We are suffering.

Black jack
Black jack 2 months

I'm sure she would make a great SC justice. The issue is the way the Republicans are going about it. By the way, who is really stacking the court?

Michael 2 months


Sergio 2 months

Go baby go

Sergio 2 months

Something about her deeeep dogma will be brought up by the socialist democrats

Jon 2 months

The cultists were fine reducing a court seat for almost a year so why would they get all pissy when Dems pack the courts?

Miranda 2 months

Press X to doubt

Neil 2 months

many of us are with you Mrs Barrett- you are the next SCOTUS Justice - I look forward to your Constitutional decisions. #1776

Darren 2 months

Should make for interesting watching.

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