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Sen. Dick Durbin: Trump rushing Barrett confirmation due to election fears

Sen. Dick Durbin: Trump rushing Barrett confirmation due to election fears

Stating that President Donald Trump had nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court to do his political chores, Sen. Dick Durbin added that Barrett was expected to rule in Trump’s favor in case of any election contest. Durbin was speaking at the opening portion of Barrett’s confirmation hearing. Durbin also called Trump vain and termed the appointment ’reckless’.

Got Truth
Got Truth 2 months

Dems with full support of the MSM are frantically trying to redefine what “packing the courts” means. By this redefinition they are attempting to justify actually packing the courts if Bidin wins. If this happens, the US will be no more of a democratic system than Russia. Term limits could be extended indefinitely. It would erase the separation of courts and government.

ben 2 months

We will need 9 justices come November 4, 2020...Great Job Mr. President!

Pj 2 months

We already know Joe Biden plans on packing the court, Right now they're just trying to make excuses for him.

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

Remember one of the steps for a Colour Revolution that an Obama appointed staffer deemed necessary for a revolution and othrowing of current government was creating question in an election and its legitmacy, and then motivating a massive quantity of people to publicly protest that election. Its coming folks. Theyve practiced it in Russia, and now its here.

IvoryDove 2 months

The GOP has the senate and the presidency. Two birds in the hand. Why in God's name would they let go and hope for one in the bush?

oda755 2 months

Democrats socialist party is a threat to all Americans.

porcus 2 months

Obama nominated 3 justices to the SCOTUS; 2 were confirmed, Sotomayer and Kagen, by the then Senate Denocrat majority. Halfway through Obama's last term the Republican party was elected to the majority position within the Senate, and Obama nominated his 3rd justice to the SCOTUS, Garland, who was not confirmed by the Senate controlled by the Republicans, nor did they have an obligation to do so. Trump has made 3 SCOTUS nominations, two of which have been confirmed by the Senate, Goreland and Kavanaugh. His 3rd nominee is in process of being confirmed now, because the Republicans still control the Senate. This is not "packing the court", this is fair. :D

J 2 months

Headline doesn't match the story.

Jim 2 months

I wonder if these politicians understand how big of hypocrites they really are ? I mean are they so robotic they think they can be one one side one day and completely flip the next ? ( and it applies to both parties)

Jim 2 months

And Democrats are trying to slow it because of policy fears.

Don'tbackNV 2 months

They don't even know the definition of packing ie adding justices to the current 9

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