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In Ohio, Biden accuses Trump of ’turning his back’ on state’s workers

In Ohio, Biden accuses Trump of ’turning his back’ on state’s workers

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden landed in Ohio where he addressed election events in Toledo and Cincinnati. During his speeches, he accused the president of ’turning his back’ on Ohio’s workers, especially in the automobile sector. He also lashed out at Trump for using NIAID director Dr Anthony Fauci’s months-old video clip that was edited into a Trump campaign video out of context.

Rich 2 months

How come News show, literally 1000's of Trump supporters and when they show Biden it just him on stage, but we see know supporters Hmmmm. Yet we are lead to believe Biden is ahead in poles. Double Hmmm.

Ironborn Pyke
Ironborn Pyke 2 months

25th amendment is being brought up not for Trump but in case Biden wins so they can remove him and replace him asap.

Doug 2 months

Turned his back on Ohio workers? Trump wasn't the one who sent their jobs overseas and then told Ohio workers that they should learn how to code. It was Barack, Joe, and Company.

karma 2 months

So the 4 people at the Biden rally couldn't hear?

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 2 months

Biden support is low. The hatred of Trump by the left wing is the only thing keeping his campaign afloat. Literally the man cannot win. Trump is probably going to landslide.

Rich 2 months

There's your clue, sloppy joe. You have been emphatically rejected. Just like Hillary.

Rocky 2 months

Did he remember what office he was running for or what state he was in this time? Can we stop pretending this geriatric has the competency to run the country? He was the one that continued the trend of killing off manufacturing jobs. Someone just feed him his oatmeal and set him in front of the window already.

weirdobot 2 months


William 2 months

Lol at Joe talking about job loss and deflecting responsibility..... I needed a good laugh 🤣!!!😀🤣😀🤣

Francesco 2 months

Wow.. there seem to be a lot of trolls in this thread lmao super excited to see what happens to Trump when he doesn't have the presidency to protect him from litigation.. enjoy the last months of his term..

Just a Lone Moderate
Just a Lone Moderate 2 months

The one thing about Trumptards is that they are like their leader, no class or civility.

tenoclock 2 months

Top Kek!

David 2 months

LMFAO... Used Fauci out of context in his campaign? The M5M has been using Trump clips out of context for the last 4 years in their agenda-driven campaign against him!

IvoryDove 2 months

Joe Biden reminds me of my old uncle Art. Great guy. I loved his laugh. Half the time, he didn't know where he was or how he got there.... Except for the laugh, they're like doppelgangers.

Henrik 2 months

Well he is kinda right though. One of the reasons Trump won was that he maneged secured the votes in the rust belt by promosing to bring the varius industries back. Its been four years now and I don't think a lot has changed.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 months

Love how he claims he 'saved' the auto industry by giving them billions of tax dollars. Democrats love patting themselves on the back about how well they spend OUR money. If memory serves, Ford didn't take any of that money and recovered just fine. Maybe throwing piles of cash at a problem isn't a solution, Joe. It certainly didn't straighten up Iran.

coughdrop1989 2 months

Kinda like how youre being sued by Riddenhouse for your false narrative video ad calling him a white supremacist. Seems legit. 47 years you messed this country up and all of a sudden NOW you can fix it?

the terrible rabbit of death
the terrible rabbit of death 2 months

Accusing the other side of what you are doing,is the democrats tactics.

WWIII 2 months

Why doesn’t this delusional old fart talk about his policies and what he can do to make the country a better place? Oh that’s right because he’s had almost 5 decades in government and hasn’t done anything!!! His ONLY angle is to get the “nevertrump” aka domestic terrorists voters on his side... anyone voting democratic in this election really needs to do their own research and realize the consequences #TRUMP2020

Keith 2 months

Any more than a couple of attendees will distract him from his teleprompters. Its gotten to be such a habit that even in one on one interviews he responds to the camera and not the journalist.

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