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5 men accused of plotting to kidnap the Michigan governor to appear at hearing

5 men accused of plotting to kidnap the Michigan governor to appear at hearing

Five of the 13 men accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan’s Governor Whitmer will appear in federal court for a bail and detention hearing. The five are from Michigan. A sixth accused is held in Delaware. The FBI says the six conducted coordinated surveillance of the Whitmer’s vacation home in northern Michigan in August and September. The remaining 7 accused men were arrested for state crimes.

Neil 2 months

I disagree with the whole kidnapping idea, more like the people of her city should grab her by the collar and throw her out of town then let her know she is no longer welcomed in their community.

Kyle 2 months

Apparently they've ploted to overthrow several state governments and multiple governor kidnappings. It also makes no sense that Whitmer would blame Trump when this group publicly denounced any support of him. This anarchist group labeled Trump as a tyrant and encourages people to never support him. One of the men, Daniel Harris is actually a BLM supporter that attended protests in June. The affidavit had no mention of Trump or white nationalism, so the idea that it is Trump inspired doesn't add up.

Steven 2 months

And so its come to this... I'm not sure where these guys stand politically (bit cloudy at the moment) but surely this can't be condoned? Recall the governor whatever, but where does it end?

C 2 months

Regardless of policital view: left , center or right. The idea of this, kidnapping elected officials, is SICK and all who commit this crime should be incarcerated.

Sirax 2 months

Everyday we let riots to continue as they are, the more this will happen.

Amoneywilson 2 months

They were BLM protesters and they also call Trump a tyrant. Nice folks ... maybe?

Neal 2 months

This is a danger to our country, the thought that a group of ' citizens ' think they have the right to kidnap. Each and everyone needs the verdict of guilty for treason, armed insurrection. This isn't Bosnia, Syria, we're not going to have helicopters dropping barrel bombs on schools and hospitals are we? Out of the 5 boxes....the cartridge box is the last one. Guilty, they are, and a lesson they should be.

William 2 months

Regardless of what you think of these men, and their idea(ls) should come as no surprise. The only difference between them and certain other movements in this country is, that they didn't do anything but talk about it, and they're white. if the BLT movement was doing this.". Social justice group BLT arrested the governor for crime's against minorities,".. The D.A. is currently investigating the charges against the governor, it's expected that the governor will be tried and fried in the name of Social Justice.

Jon 2 months

Started because the ringleader it upset that he couldn’t workout at his gym. The sad thing is that I’m no longer surprised by the violence and antiAmerican tactics being used by the Republicans to hold onto and maintain power.

john 2 months

You should have seen the tweets at Donald Trump sent out that cause these guys to lose it and want to kidnap the governor of Michigan I have no doubt before this is all said and done a lot of people will be in prison for a long time because of Donald Trump's hatred

Doug 2 months

It was reported that the plot required 200 armed people to seize Queen Whitmer. So where's the other 187 conspirators? Simply talking smack isn't a crime. It has to be a credible threat.

Martin 2 months

Trumpers: We have no other choice but to kidnap and murder a politician. Also trumpers: antifa and blm are violent and they burn buildings arghhhh!

Aaron 2 months

Funny how when it's six white men no one shouts terrorist, extremests, or violent gangs. Wonder why that is.

David 2 months

La creme de la phlegm right there.

OldSch00lin 2 months

Looks like the casting line up for orcs in Lord of the rings.

Michael 2 months

Life? Hopefully? I can’t wait for the verdict. This conspiracy was sickening.

Dagoberto 2 months

Are they Republican Russian Agents?

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 2 months

Man just took at all the misinformation that the right wing nut jobs throw out .. actually thinking that this was done by the left 🤣🤣🤣🤣. How many of the right wing supporters are the Tin Man you know where he wished he had a brain. If you read those articles it says they where a far right extremests group it literally says that. But yet here are the trump supporters denying reality get again.

Burger 2 months

They have to be antifa because antifa and blm are he terrorists, right?

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 2 months

Yeah I hope those guys go to jail for a long time. And in jail hopefully they can get some counseling.

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