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Apple’s T2 security chip has an ’unfixable’ flaw

Apple’s T2 security chip has an ’unfixable’ flaw

Every Mac that has a T2 chip is vulnerable to exploits, some hackers claim. By combining two exploits that was developed for jailbreaking iPhones, they claim they can also jailbreak Macs and other devices that has the chips. Although the technique to combine the two exploits is complex, several Apple security and jailbreaking experts have tested and confirmed it and said the flaw was unfixable.

Doug 2 months

Who would have thought that a ban on Chinese chip manufacturers, by the US, would bite Crapple on the behind?

R_Forde 2 months

Seeing as how you need physical access to the device and some time to do the exploit it is much of an issue. Almost any device can be hack with time and access. Hopefully they will update the design in future iterations to fix the design flaw.

William 2 months that whole privacy campaign is B.S.??? & how long has 🍎 known about this???

TheDadJokeGuy 2 months

Definitely one of those "oh, carp" moments.

AbsentSal 2 months

No... recall?

Ameritexican 2 months

There goes their "better security" advertising campaigns...

Alex 2 months

Checkra1n team added the T2 exploit to their Checkra1n Jailbreak tool. Now you can jailbreak Mac using this guide

Minty 2 months

Someone’s getting demoted at apple

Jacob 2 months

The way they word this makes it confusing. what it means is their are exploits in the software where you can bypass apples lock on downloading things on your device and customizing pretty much the whole thing because one it would be just another android clone that looked different and it causes a lot of lag isn’t very stable. it’s an app called Cydia. i think everyone’s iphones are okay

IIZard 2 months

The genius bar are at it again

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