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Facebook to ban anti-vax ads

Facebook to ban anti-vax ads

Facebook has announced that it will start banning ads that explicitly discourage people from getting vaccinated. The tech giant said that ads advocating for or against legislation or government policies around vaccines will still be allowed. Facebook previously prohibited ads containing vaccine misinformation, but allowed ads opposing vaccines if they did not contain false claims.

Martin 2 weeks

Time to introduce anti trust laws on these mega corporations who silence alternative views. They're anti democratic and have monopolized the internet. They aren't just some competitive business anymore. The vast majority of the population get their information from these companies. Time for change.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 2 weeks

Facebook needs to stop banning in general

Neil 2 weeks

A wise person would closely examine EVERYTHING Twitter/FB/YouTube bans. They’re scared- really scared- and rightfully so. The best is yet to come. #WWG1WGA!

David 1 weeks

Vaccines should be a choice.... If you're scared and vaccinated what do you have to worry about? Same goes for masks.

ariel 2 weeks

Thank u

Donald 2 weeks

DARPAbook must be eradicated

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