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Facebook to ban content that denies or distorts Jewish Holocaust

Facebook to ban content that denies or distorts Jewish Holocaust

Facebook said it will ban content that denies or distorts the Jewish Holocaust perpetrated by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany during the World War II. The social media giant said the move was a part of its efforts to clean the platform of hate. Facebook had been under criticism for years now for not doing enough to stop Holocaust deniers and other hate groups from spreading misinformation and hate.

Met Man
Met Man 2 months

The holocaust happened, but Will they then also ban the denial of the Armenian genocide, The genocide that china is currently committing and the genocides by all the communist regimes around the world last century?

Blehgior 2 months

Holocaust denial is pretty retarded, but banning their ideas is only going to embolden them. They will see it as proof that they are correct.

Seekster 2 months

The Holocaust absolutely happened but banning ideas lends a degree of legitimacy to thise ideas in the form of the question, "what are they trying to hide." Its better to let those ideas stay in the open so that they can wilt and be exposed by scrutiny.

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 2 months

Then these people will take their views somewhere else and cant be challenged on their believes. Congratiulations but empowered their believes

IvoryDove 2 months

Orwell was a brilliant visionary but let's face it.... He really missed the fact that global corporations would run the government and it would be the media corporations that comprised the "Ministry of Truth".

Dan 2 months

Much like the churches did in the past. Big Tech companies are the new preachers of what can be said and thought. Welcome to a new kind of tyranny. In comes the Covid religion. Bow down to the masked masses.

Dan 2 months

Apparently all free thought is being banned. How is this any different then Nazi Germany? Hitler would love Mark Z

Don'tbackNV 2 months

But Facebook WILL allow IS to post celebratory 9/11 videos, child porn, Joe Biden endorsements. It is advantageous for the jew to spread muslim extemism so to better justify what they do in the Middle East.... zuckerberg is a smart jew afterall

Mandraquex3000 2 months

How long until they ban flat earthers, alien believers, and religious people because it runs counter to prevailing truth. No I am not defending holocaust denial, I am defending free speech which requires in some instances saying I disagree with what you say but defend your right to say it.

Beijing Binden
Beijing Binden 2 months

Now obviously they killed some jews but the outrageous claim of 6 million would have to be 145 jews killed every hour of every day for 5 years non stop. 1 million is kind of far fetched but I could belive it. They should also then ban all socialist/communist material because that has led to 100's of millions of deaths. Stalin killed 18 million during the same window as Hitler which is 3 times as many🤔

Jesus 2 months

Wonder if they will ban the Holocaust Cuomo and De Blaiso are trying to implement now?

Doug 2 months

Um, FB said the same thing about censoring anti-Holocaust speech years ago. So, they either lied years ago or they're trying to direct attention away from something else.

James T Kirk
James T Kirk 2 months

When are we going to get legislation declaring the internet, in general, is the new public square, and the 1st Amendment applies?

Scott 2 months

Although I agree with this. Facebook is not supposed to ban, edit or repress any thoughts or groups. They are a platform for social opinions not an editorial board. They should not be in charge of deciding what is fact, or fiction,

Barry MC
Barry MC 2 months

These social media companies are setting themselves up by auditing their content now. They're taking responsibility on their shoulders for what people online say. That's gonna cost them a lot in liability someday

Bazooka 2 months

Comments be like "holocaust actually happened" Thank God I'm not on a totalitarian site like facebook that bans you for speaking on historical events that are completely blown out of proportion and manipulated to look very different than they actually were.

Chad 2 months

Exactly why I deleted my account 2 weeks ago. Obviously there's no denying it happened but they are getting WAY out of hand with their censorship and bans

Dallas 2 months

Two great documentaries: Europa The Last Battle and Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told.

Michael 2 months

These people are everywhere. My drama teacher wrote a play a decade or so ago about it and it went viral. She received death threats insult and everything in between. A website defaming her was even created. These people are everywhere and they need to be shut down, NOW!

rick treanor
rick treanor 2 months

Now when will they stop psychotic “christians” from posting horsedroppings from “the bible” as if it were anything but a pack of lies only the foolest fudd could ever believe?

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