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Dust 1 months

Why do we keep talking about the captial riots for six months as if its the worst incident that happened to our country when when BLM has been rioting and participating in seditious acts for years and continues to grow more violent? I condemn Jan 6th but the only person that died was a rioter mean while BLM has caused billons in proptery damage as well as they've been resposible for dozens of civillian deaths and hundreds of officer casualties not including all the no go zones they've created which to me sounds like more of an isurrection than a bunch of people treapassing. Speaking of tresspassing that's what most Jan 6th particpators are guilty of which is a misdemeanor punishable by no more than a month in jail yet they've been held without bail for months while BLM rioters who assault and vandalize have their bails paid for. Why are we setting this double standard?

Good Green Goy
Good Green Goy 1 months

There were agent provocateurs and the protesters were let inside by police. We KNOW this. The gaslighting by the media is insane.

judd 1 months so far in over his head, it's funny he can cash his check.

Nickel 1 months

Somebody should be fired

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