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Republican Sen. Ben Sasse blasts Trump

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse blasts Trump

Nebraska Sen. Sasse slammed President Trump during a call with constituents this week. Sasse said Trump ’kisses dictators’ butts’ while ignoring the Uyghurs in China. ’His family has treated the presidency like a business opportunity. He’s flirted with white supremacists’, Sasse continued. Sasse also slammed Trump’s response to the coronavirus saying it has not been ’reasonable or responsible’.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 1 weeks

Man I had nothing but respect for him before this, he performed very well in the ACB confirmation hearings. Trump has placed sanctions on china twice for their treatment of Muslims if I recall correctly, what do you expect him to do, declare war? And curb this "white supremacists" nonsese, at this point Trump's condemned them more than any other president in history. He also designated the KKK a terrorist group, and the white supremacists (Richard Spencer) have been endorsing biden. Edit: also Trump wasn't the "one who said 2 week lockdowns would fix this" that was the WHO and doctors, and it was to flatten the curve NOT "fix" it

Francisco d'Anconia
Francisco d'Anconia 1 weeks

Sasse said that Trump "hasn't lifted a finger about Hong Kong. The guy's a senator, shouldn't he know about the" Autonomy Act" and all of the sanctions that have already been placed on China? He either cries about things that aren't true or lies about things he has no knowledge.

Tim 1 weeks

It's funny how the GOP are now turning their backs on Trump but for the past four years they did nothing but lick his boots tie his shoes and kiss his ass. Not going to work and I hope people are smart enough to see that

Jon 1 weeks

Hey I agree with a Republican 😀

Jeff 1 weeks

One of many rats that will be fleeing the sinking Trump ship! It will be a beautiful sight but nauseating that it ever got to this point.

David 1 weeks

Is this guy serious? All Trumps done is throw sanctions at China for their atrocities against Hong Kong. Somebody must have a few skeletons in his closet he wants kept there

David 1 weeks

Entirely true yet still too little too late from Ben Sasse. It's sad to see what's become of a promising young politician I once had high hopes for.

Doug 1 weeks

And the RINOs just keep coming out of the woodwork demanding that the old corrupt establishment be left alone so the RINOs can keep enriching themselves until they die in office.

Josh 1 weeks

Something tells me Sasse is flirting with liberals to pander for votes.

Don 1 weeks

I love liberal delusion. Wilfully ignorant of Biden's crimes but are lining up to sniff Sasse's sack. I enjoy your pain

Davyd 1 weeks

I admit it is rather late in the game but I'm sure he had to dwell on whether he should say it... what we couldn't technically see we the people can sense and obviously feel being a person of color... again his ASS is WAY LATE but the fact that he admits to it I respect him for even though.

Rocket 1 weeks

Listen to this whiny Clown Sasse. I wonder whose butts he's kissing with this public tantrum. 🤔

Jeff 1 weeks

Found the RINO. Wonder what the DNC has on this guy for him to dump on his own party's candidate. Unless Nebraska is a whole h@ll of a lot bluer/st*pider than I thought.

O'Brien 1 weeks

This fruitcake believes the #FakeNews polling and he, for one, welcomes his new communist overlords.

Randy 1 weeks

Trump may flirt, but the Democrats are in bed with black supremacists, so, Trump still comes out looking better, in comparison. Keep in mind, the primaries are over. You don't get to vote for "good" now, if you want the duopoly. You only get "least terrible". For me, all things considered, that would be Biden, but let's not pretend Biden isn't a racist.

Frederick 1 weeks


oda755 1 weeks

Lol another rhino

Cole. 1 weeks

This just sounds like the woes of a man who thinks his party is about to lose and wants to look good in case he needs to jump ship

joy 1 weeks

I’m not impressed. Where was his voice when it mattered. Now GOP considers him a lame duck president and are doing damage control for their own political careers. Pathetic

Rory 1 weeks

It's too late republican senators. Trump has already brought the wave of Qannon to our political system

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