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Savannah Guthrie receives diverse reviews following town hall with Trump

Savannah Guthrie receives diverse reviews following town hall with Trump

NBC anchor Savannah Guthrie quizzed President Trump on a range of topics Thursday, which included his finances, action on coronavirus, and the rightwing conspiracy theory QAnon. Some praised Guthrie for her direct questioning, praising her for fact-checking him in real time. Others called her approach biased, with Fox News anchors suggesting Trump ’pretty much debated Savannah Guthrie’.

Jeff 4 days

She was rude, snarky, childish and extremely biased. It's unfortunate that media can't respect the office itself even if they hate the president. Trump's a far cry from a typical president, but he's still the president and that position should be respected. I've never seen the media be so disrespectful in my life and I think even the most left leaning would have to admit to the mistreatment or at the very least double standard of treatment he receives. Queue the "Trumptards want respect what a joke blah blah blah" comments. Which furthers my point of a culture shift in not caring about our institutions.

Seekster 4 days

I tuned in to hear Trump answer questions from voters but about half the night was Trump answering gotcha questions from Savanna G. She was practically debating Trump on Biden's behalf...and lost.

GetTrumped 4 days

So after Chris Wallace’s bias attempt at moderation we get this wench? Maybe Tucker Carlson should’ve done it

Max Bants
Max Bants 3 days

Trumps tax returns leaked via hacking: Media spreads it everywhere, Twitter is fine. Joe Biden corruption leaked via hacking: SHUT IT DOWN. Trump campaign banned from Twitter. This is the cavalcade of corruption vying for power in your country, America. Who in their right, sane and sober mind can watch this and not see something extremely rotten going on?

Tyler 4 days

I thought she asked very reasonable questions considering Trump is running for the president of the United States.

Come on Man!!
Come on Man!! 3 days

After watching both, if everyone can’t see the hatred towards Trump in the media you’re just not being honest. She was so nasty and it’s beyond biased it’s a strong hatred.

Don'tbackNV 3 days

They REALLY wanted trump to say the dems werent satanic pedophiles, which they totally are and you can see in her eyes too

Ryan 3 days

These leftist tactics are not working. The people see the bias. We see the attacks and are going to keep Trump in office. Joe Biden doesn't get these types of questions not does he answer any HARD questions or his VP pick. The only way the left can keep voters at this point is to continue with the suppression of information. Keeping their voters in the dark and throwing low blows like Savannah Guthrie is the only way it's not a complete blowout. It's going to be a landslide but hey can't complain too much about it.

Jerry 3 days

Did anyone skip back and forth. The Biden show was a petting party. The the Trump show was a school yard,say it, stunt. I hope the country survives this generation of brats.

porcus 3 days

She was AWFUL. Asked the same d*mn question over and over about whether Trump had a coof coof test before the Trump vs Biden debate, asked it again, interrupted Trump elebenty times as he tried to answer the question, etc. It was clear that she was biased and hated him. EXTREMELY disrespectful, worse than Wallace, she did a terrible job of showing NBC as professional.

Michael 3 days

I was proud of her for pushing through like she did. It’s not easy to talk to a man who only listens to himself.

Phillip 3 days

So? He's had enough soft-balls thrown at him from "Fox & Friends" and needed to hear tougher questions and some reality for a change. What was wrong with a real debate AND questions being fact-checked in real time against his constant hyperbole? It's usually his apologists who come to his defense when he's asked actual questions Biden and other Democrats are asked each day and think nothing about them. Time for him to toughen up.

Jon 3 days

She did good I thought, our A.D.D. president has a hard time focusing and answering a single question and she kept pushing him.

Doug 3 days

Trump's town hall was an interrogation minus the rubber hose. Biden's town hall was a care bear reunion without one mention of the Biden family scandal.

Randall 3 days

I think she was awesome. Not letting Trump sidestep questions. Making him answer hardball questions and holding his feet to the fire. She exposed his weakness and deception. All journalists should take a page from her playbook.

Jacob 3 days

She constantly was interrupting while Bidens town hall moderator barely talked, completely unfair

oda755 3 days

The so call journalist, is a communist member of NBC, her one motivation was to put down the president.

Jim 3 days

I don’t mind hard line questions of any politician but they should be applied evenly. Any senario that allows one politician to be argued with over his own medical situation and stolen tax records as the other isn’t even asked about recent emails which indicate he was bribed by a foreign government isn’t exactly helpful to voters. It proves that the media is bias

OrKos world
OrKos world 3 days

She was not being fair to the sitting president. In fact she was argumentative towards him and very confrontational. She basically argued with him to throw him off his campaign issues.

Paul 2 days

Drump cannot handle a female reporter much less difficult questions that are answered without his continual rhetoric and lies/incorrect information.

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