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US Park Police officers charged with manslaughter in shooting of Bijan Ghaisar

US Park Police officers charged with manslaughter in shooting of Bijan Ghaisar

Two US Park Police officers in Virginia were charged with manslaughter in a 2017 case in which they fired nine shots at close range into the car of a 25-year-old man, Bijan Ghaisar, and killed him. The officers face up to 15 years in prison if convicted. Bijan Ghaisar was shot five times during a traffic stop that started as a fender-bender before turning into a deadly shooting in a few moments.

Chad 1 weeks

I watched the whole video so you don't have too. Guy leads police on a long chase. He pulls over and stops three times. The first two times, police exit their vehicles and approach his driver's side door with guns drawn. He drives away as the cops stand by his door each time. Third time, when he starts to drive off, they shoot him.

Doug 1 weeks

When drivers play games that make the police think that the driver is going to possibly harm others, then they are allowed to use deadly force. This is just a show trial to placate the masses.

paddy 1 weeks

You lot need to remember a 2 ton car is considered a deadly weapon and is just as capable of causing death and destruction. He fled from an accident, and proceeded to ignore police commands and continue to attempt to flee. Statistically suspects who flee from police are orders of magnitude more likely to be armed, acounting for the majority of police involved shootings where the the officers are shot at. That is the main reason police will always approach with guns out to this kind of traffic stop.

yuckycrumpet 1 weeks

Yet another unjustified killing. “Forget tasers, road spikes or pit moves rookie! I’ll show you how we did it in my day. Let’s just shoot first and hope we can make him guilty for something later because he didn’t stop when I told him to. It’s perfectly normal. We do it all the time. Don’t worry you’ll get used to it. And if you kill an innocent guy don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Just make sure it’s not one of us right. You know what I’m saying?”

Glen 1 weeks

He should have obeyed the law. This all could have been avoided. He thought he could out smart the law, and it cost him his life.


Sure he should have obeyed the law, but it cannot be argued that any legal indiscretion can justify a person’s death! It’s not like he was pointing firearms at the officers. Those officers should face 1st degree murder charges, not man slaughter.

Maxim 1 weeks

But...but...he ain't black...wth I thought police only shot black ppl, this makes no sense

IIZard 1 weeks

Why is this news? Is he black?

eezcool 1 weeks

Two more trigger happy wannabe heros with no training, little intelligence and faux authority induced God complexes. I'll bet these two assholes have some serious regrets now. Lockem up and throw away the key...

Chad 1 weeks

Cops murdering people, thats a stunner

Katharine 1 weeks

What did he do?

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