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US Supreme Court rules unamiously in favor of Catholic adoption agency

US Supreme Court rules unamiously in favor of Catholic adoption agency

The US Supreme Court has overruled a decision set by the courts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The new ruling provides permission for a Roman Catholic adoption agency to deny adoptive services to LGBT couples based on religious grounds in a case that establishes precedent reaching beyond the individual case. The unanimous decision by the nation’s highest court was handed down on Thursday morning.

Ben Ditzel
Ben Ditzel
Haven Mallow
Haven Mallow 0 months

I'm gay, and as much as I disagree with the religious views in question, the Supreme Court is right in their decision, it does violate the first amendment.

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 0 months

A BIG blow to Cancel-Culture actually. All other boohoos are just a pish posh.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 0 months

Another unanimous slam-dunk by the SCOTUS. That makes what, 3 unanimous decisions this year? When was then last time that happened? I can't help but wonder if they are sending a message to the dems that court-packing won't be what they want it to be. 9-0 or 9-4 would still be a win for the constitution and a loss for the leftist agenda.

Irish 0 months

SCOTUS is spot on in doing the jobs they're supposed to be doing, interpreting and upholding the constitution. While I feel this essentially will prevent the chance for a few children to have a good home, I cannot argue the fact SCOTUS did their jobs! Scrutiny shouldnt be directed towards the justices, they arent the ones setting each religion's pov's, they're simply upholding our rights to our own respective religious freedoms. Cannot stress enough the importance to maintain that!

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 0 months

Cant discriminate due to sexual orientation. Pack the courts. These regressive decisions are going to become more common.

James 0 months

This isn't about finding a religious, or non religious apparatuses. It's about state funding going to a agency that discriminates.

Atlas Sharted
Atlas Sharted 0 months

Assumption for my Statement Below: Every government contract Fed, State and Local have flow downs for their policies. Assuming that Philadelphia has the same. This is a matter of contract law and shouldn’t even have gone to the Supreme Court. CSS signed a contract and in so doing agreed to the cities policies. Either deliver the services or arrange for the contract to be cancelled. This should have been as simple as Did CSS sign the contract and accept the flowdowns? Yes Will they do the contracted work? No Proceed to contract cancellation and securing penalties. I respect CSS rights to operate under their principles but don’t sign up for work that is against them and cry about it later. CSS needs to get or replace their law firm.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 0 months

A big blow to the grooming community. Kudos!

Seekster 0 months

Good news.

Lee 0 months

I think the court did the right thing

shawn 0 months

Bye bye to all human having human rights in the USA.

Doug Star
Doug Star 0 months

is this validation that Catholicism is not a cult?

jennifer 0 months

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Roberto Giménez
Roberto Giménez 4 weeks

Ban religious adoption agencies.

6Million$Mansplainer 0 months

Good news.

MachineGunHunt 0 months

I agree with the court decision but I don't like how Catholics have foster homes.

Aaron 0 months

Catholic church plus children is scary in of itself.

Djjfxb 0 months

Make your own bakery

The Right Perspective
The Right Perspective 0 months

The gay couple couldn't find a secular foster agency?

Ben 0 months

A Catholic adoption agency? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

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