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Iran presidential voting begins; hardline cleric expected to win

Iran presidential voting begins; hardline cleric expected to win

Iranians are voting in a presidential election in which the ultraconservative cleric Ebrahim Raisi is seen as all but certain to coast to victory. The supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, cast the first vote and then urged Iran’s nearly 60M eligible voters to follow suit. Opposition groups abroad and dissidents at home have urged a boycott of the vote they see as an engineered victory for Raisi.

JustMy.02 1 months

Bring back the Shah. For as much as he was a 💩 head. He was the better of the evils.

Arisercubick 1 months

It would be interesting how all of this plays out

C 1 months

1) fake 2) pre determined winner 3) evil intentions 4) supports terrorism

Jon 1 months

When has it NOT been a hardline cleric in charge of Iran?

Shmule 0 months

Whose voting machines are they using?

Randall 0 months

He's a "conservative", how bad could he be? Right?

Eric 1 months

Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption 4 things.

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 0 months

Otherwise known as a sham election.

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