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UK PM Johnson tells citizens to get ready for a no deal Brexit

UK PM Johnson tells citizens to get ready for a no deal Brexit

UK PM told citizens to get ready for a no deal Brexit unless EU makes a fundamental change in its trade & security talks. In a TV statement, PM made the announcement, as his self-imposed deadline for a deal surpassed on Thur. However EU’s chief negotiator Barnier has hinted to continue with the talks next week. But he too said that he was making decision to prepare for no deal with heavy heart.

Dave 1 weeks

Christ just cut the chord already. It's not the idea of no deal that is screwing the economy, it's not knowing. So manufacturers and traders can't prepare. Just get out already and let the economy reset itself. Dragging it out so long is making it far worse for everyone involved. Companies are spending millions on "what will happen after the no deal" training, pamphlets and advertising. Only to have the date pushed back for "more talks" and all of that going to waste. Time for talk is over, now is time for action.

Sigfried 1 weeks

What should have been a resounding walk out turned into an antsy will they/won't they. Glad it's finally happening. The UK decided this a long time ago. Now maybe they can figure out why their cops are more worried about random offenses on the internet instead of real crime.

Tachyon 1 weeks

Good. Best thing that could happen to the UK! For one, now the EU and others will be forced to actually negotiate in good faith, from scratch.

Ray 1 weeks

It has always been the goal to allow the UK to come away from this in a stronger position but with this I think its more shooting yourself in the foot. Both sides needs each other

unvoided 1 weeks

Fuck sake

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 1 weeks

CANZUK is the future! Forget about the EU. Cut the cord and move on!

E n
E n 1 weeks

Maybe people would have an easier time getting ready if they knew what was going to happen.

Katharine 1 weeks

I wonder what that will mean.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 weeks

Get it over with. Honestly the pilgrims could have started America 2 by now.

Stephen 1 weeks

Just get it done.

Doug 1 weeks

Since when did Captain Obvious become PM of the UK?

Jaye Muller
Jaye Muller 1 weeks

Oh? I thought this was already done. A no deal brexit

Indo 1 weeks

Remember HK. And why its important here.

Kalki 1 weeks

Imperial Briton in the making

Seekster 1 weeks

I would say this is surprising but I would be lying.

Craig 1 weeks

This man has destroyed the UK, COVID just finished it off. So not worthy of the position of Prime Minister.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 weeks

The EU is like the mafia. If you think getting in is hard, wait till you try to get out.

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