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Sony’s new PS4 voice chat recording will allow users to report abusive players

Sony’s new PS4 voice chat recording will allow users to report abusive players

Catherine Jensen, Sony’s VP of Global Consumer Experience described the new features.’This feature will not actively monitor or listen in on your conversations – ever – and it’s strictly reserved for reporting online abuse or harassment.’ There will be no way to opt out of this new feature. Players have weighed in their opinion on the new features, in what will be a new chapter in gaming on PS5.

Spank-O-Tron5000 2 months

Get a two way headphone cable connecting one to the PS5 headset jack and the other side to your PC's microphone jack... Then crank up the raunchiest pornos you can find online. 👌😏

Clay 2 months

Social credit, here we come! Maybe you can save up enough to get the PS5.

Qanonsense 2 months

Am I the only one who thinks that abusive players should be reported? Yall just want to live in a world full of a55holes, maybe because you all know you're one of 'em. And don't want your "right to abuse" online taken away.

tenoclock 2 months

F**k Jannies!!

SmokeWizard 303
SmokeWizard 303 2 months

This is an attack on free speech, everyone knows that trolling and talking ish to eachother is just plain part of gaming culture, this is just one more arena the libera left has managed to complain and whine enough in to get their way, makes me very sad, nothing is safe in this new world of “diversity”.

Diddy 2 months

Foreign wiretapping coming to videogames, lovely. The tell on your neighbor generation at its finest.

Rational ific
Rational ific 2 months

1984 with better graphics.

John 2 months

Don't buy a PS5

Big Nate
Big Nate 2 months

Looks like I won’t be getting a PS5

Robo 2 months

Moderation is the worst thing to happen to the internet.

Ingram 2 months

Still not as creepy as the Xbox One launch.

Don'tbackNV 2 months

Snitch on your friends for talking ish on xbox live or whatever sheesh

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