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As smog season knocks Delhi’s door, residents wary of pollution and Covid-19

As smog season knocks Delhi’s door, residents wary of pollution and Covid-19

Farmers in Delhi’s neighboring states burn crop stubble after harvesting ends in the kharif (summer through autumn) season every year, compounding the air pollution woes of India’s capital. This year, residents fear even worse with the Covid pandemic raging. People with respiratory illness are stocking oxygen cylinders and pulse oximeters, and praying to survive the dual onslaught on their lungs.

Doug 1 weeks

You're kidding me. There are slums in the cities of India that make US ghettos look like paradise. Under India's caste system, this has been going on for countless centuries. Millions of people have lost their lives due to this squalor. But NOW people are worried about it because of covid? GTFO!

America 1 weeks

Climate change 2.0. Post story abt smog, add a dash of Covid-19 and not one climate whacko says s h i t. Oh wait America/Trump isn't in the headlines so I guess it doesn't matter to them.

Stanley 1 weeks

I lived in Delhi every winter 1989-2012. The problem is not primarily farmers burning stubble in fields, which takes place in many other places. It is instead the lack of geographic boundaries to limit growth, so Delhi metropolitan area spreads, the population multiplies, as does the number of diesel- and petrol-burning vehicles. Also, in winter, poor people in the many slums burn whatever they can--including trash, for instance old rubber tyres--to stay warm, which markedly increases the poison in the air. Finally, in winter, the colder air gains moisture from the Jamuna, sothe otherwise dry and sometimes windy cit air becomes damper and still, trapping the air pollution in the city. Result? Some people have estimated that 10% of Delhi metropolitan area's millions of people will die of cancer.

Katharine 1 weeks

Why did you burn it?

Aaron 1 weeks

It's so awful to see things like this. I hope everyone makes it through okay. India needs to start looking out for its citizens. I'm not saying they've done blanket poorly, but something like this deserves federal attention

Hasegawa Fish
Hasegawa Fish 1 weeks

Strange, the US doesn't have a 'smog season', does it?

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