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DEA training academy instructor called black recruits ’monkey’

DEA training academy instructor called black recruits ’monkey’

An instructor at the DEA Training Academy in Virginia allegedly called a black recruit a ’monkey’ and taunted trainees by making ’monkey noises’ over the loudspeaker. The incidents are alleged to have occurred last year. Firing range instructor, Special Agent Jay Mortenson, is named in the internal complaint. Mortenson has since been removed from his post and retired.

porcus 1 weeks

Yet... Blacks praised the Black Panther movie which showed a black tribe (named the "Gorilla Tribe" I think) hooting and "making monkey noises"). Doesn't seem to be racist, maybe rude, but nothinvin that is depicting a belief in the inferiority of a race because of its racial characteristics.

Foy 1 weeks

I don't believe this ever happened. Its like the boy who cried racist. I'm now the villager that won't listen to it anymore and if it is real they only have themselves to blame for others not caring.

Jason 1 weeks

I’m a white irish dad and I call my kids monkeys. Enough of this pansy ass news cycle. Get to the proper stuff

WWG1WGA 1 weeks

50 cents group G-Unit the G stands for Gorilla. So what's the problem? Or isn't another thing to add to the 20 mile long list of blacks can do it but whitey cant

Doug 1 weeks

Everyone is racist all of the time and without exception. There! Everyone is equal again. Now grow a spine and a much thicker skin. The world isn't kind and often not fair no matter the color of your skin.

oda755 1 weeks

Racism, it's a word that the Democratic socialist party love to keep alive, the Media corporation of the socialist party tells them what to do, keeps it alive. The Democratic socialist party is a communist , power hungry political organization that will stop at nothing to have complete control of this country. They will complete dismantle the the constitution. Just ask Obama

ConcealCarryProtect 1 weeks

If the dea ever comes for you, make monkey noises. It offends them.

John W
John W 1 weeks

Yea believe every claim🤪, if you do''t have recordings then it never happened.

Frederick 1 weeks

Even if this was true you want to be DEA and you can't handle monkey noises?

J 1 weeks

The pussification of America continues.

Burn 1 weeks

Sound pretty racist to me, are the white trainees also harassed with insults? If everyone is treated like trash, then it's probably fine, I guess. The other comments about dark skinned being better for night stealth missions might be valid, and the comment about speakingg English, rather than spanish is valid. Team work and communication is important, speaking the same language is key and doesn't isolate others.

ben 1 weeks

I guess it depends on who is making the noises and who is listening to them, Gorillas v Monkeys in comments v. Black Panther movie...All seems like a stretch, WTF.

ken taro
ken taro 1 weeks

racism doesnt exist, unless it's about white genocide amiright

Team 1 weeks

I'm trying to understand why such a large proportion of white people are so utterly racist.

Stuart Coutts
Stuart Coutts 1 weeks

Humans are monkeys ffs... monkeys are awesome

SmokeWizard 303
SmokeWizard 303 1 weeks

Sounds like it was pretty funny to me lol, probably why the guy got mad about it is because ppl were actually laughing and he got his wittle feewings hurt.

Indo 1 weeks

They been called worse. They still haven't got it just yet. Maybe in some centuries or so they may. Then you can stop.

William 1 weeks

Why would monkey noises be offensive?If you raise kids to think that there ancestors were apes how is this wrong?....

Don'tbackNV 1 weeks

I throw bananas at poor people to help feed them.

No Affiliation
No Affiliation 1 weeks

I see a lot of comments that are in defense of what this officer did, or finding justification for why he did it, and think that's absolutely disgusting. To have someone in power, who holds your career in their hands, to be such an ignorant bully because of the color of someones skin is unacceptable. Even if this was "always how it's been done" then the DEA is as irrelevant and out dated as the war on drugs. Stop condoning this behavior from anyone regardless of color, and stop justifying it to make it okay. You want to know the reason we such a divide? Hint it's not because of this president. It's because people are being taught this behavior from a young age.

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