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Nigeria’s anti-police brutality protests block major roads

Nigeria’s anti-police brutality protests block major roads

Nigerian protests against police brutality continued Friday for the ninth day, with demonstrators fending off attacks from gangs suspected to be backed by the police. In Lagos, protesters blocked the road to the international airport and the main highway into the city. Protesters in the capital, Abuja, dedicated the day to those killed by the police Special Anti Robbery Squad.

Yoda 6 days

The SARS brutality in Nigeria is serious, the groups advocating for their disbanding and prosecution are also asking the government to increase police funding in order to keep the corrupt and unqualified people like SARS out. So zip it before you equate this shit to America you smoothbrains.

Indo 1 weeks

As the end product of the world's oldest civilization, Africans seriously need help from external sources. You know like the ones in US still putting up with racial slurs..

TexasReb 1 weeks

Is this the Nigerian version of BLM?

Kevin 1 weeks

Nigeria is pretty corupt id bet on real.

Clay 1 weeks

Is this real, or is it like American police brutality?

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