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Major study brings bad news about  the most promising coronavirus treatments

Major study brings bad news about the most promising coronavirus treatments

The WHO’s massive Solidarity study of COVID-19 therapies has been finalized with disappointing results. The study looked at four treatment for the coronavirus: remdesivir; hydroxychloroquine; lopinavir-ritonavir (a combination antiviral treatment used for HIV) and interferon β1a. None showed particularly good results. It was the largest study involving over 11,000 patients in 30 countries.

Sloth 3 days

Be afraid people... Stay scared... Cover your faces... Stay inside...distrust everyone... Turn them in to the authorities... .give up your freedoms... Give up your life to your overlords...

OmegaDMM 3 days

At this point nothing the who says matters, unless it can be verified by a minimum of three nations CDC's. They have lost any credibility they once had, and will need several nations to confirm their "findings" if they are to get back any of it.

Jon 3 days

Yep. It has no effect whatsoever. Turns out that Trump is just naturally immune to Covid, it wasn't the drugs he was given, or the way he got the whole nine yards right away. Yep.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 3 days

The WHO is known to be in bed with China, who is responsible for this mess. If they say those drugs don't work, that's good enough for me........TO TRY ANY OF THEM.

Owen Vanderbilt
Owen Vanderbilt 3 days

WHO is wildly inept and thoroughly discredited. You would be wise to disregard their advice.

Dina M.
Dina M. 3 days

Plenty doctors prescribe these drugs with good results. We shouldn't toss the idea of trying them bc we can't trust reporting. Also, maybe they work better when prescribed before a patient reaches "hospital" stage to keep them from getting to that point.

ben 3 days

anyone who listens to these folks is signing their own death warrant.

Mr. Spanky
Mr. Spanky 3 days

MEDICAL FACT: 100% Of people who died from Covid-19 are dead. THIS PROVES TRUMP INFECTED US ON PURPOSE WAKE UP SHEEPLE! 🤡

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 3 days

I don't care or value WHOS oppinions they've been colluding with China to make the pandemic worse. Corna is a Bio weapon and the pandemic is a bio atack on the worlds economy. Why does China care if it loses thousands or millions of its billion people it just benifits them. F*©k Bill gates to hes also been colluding with China, the Viris came from a lab with his metaphorical finger prints all over it and this is his way of testing how much he can control the global population with these cancerous lock downs that are worse tham the virus.

Don'tbackNV 3 days

This just proves Trump is an immortal god amongst men here to save us.

Indo 3 days

Seems its not the viral cure that's not happening, more than the economic cold slaw its trying to overcome.

Come on Man!!
Come on Man!! 3 days

They’re turning up the fear volume to 10 because the election is approaching. CNN and the rest of the Fake News grin and rub their hands as they are given their new story to run and beat to death.

James 3 days

WHO says a lot of stuff. Most is garbage.

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 3 days

Oh no well, its time we thinned out the human herd anyway.

Katharine 3 days

Uh oh that's not good.

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