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More people watched Biden’s town hall as compared to Trump’s on TV.

More people watched Biden’s town hall as compared to Trump’s on TV.

Early number from the Nielsen Media Research have revealed that on Thursday night, Joe Biden drew about 2 million more viewers than President Trump during the candidates’ dueling town halls. 12.7 million viewers tuned into Biden’s appearance on ABC, while Trump had 10.4 million people watching him. However, these numbers don’t take into account views from streaming services.

Rocky 1 weeks

Haha. Nice spin. Trump had 900k+ more when all viewers were tallied and streaming numbers are added and this is even with the Biden town hall going on for more than an hour longer than the Trump town hall. This means many of the late viewers were likely watching both. Admittedly Trump should have crushed him in all ways and did lose the network over the air ratings.

fish 1 weeks

Nobody watches tv...

Charlene 1 weeks

Maybe CNN should be equally as concerned about how republicans have been ‘stacking ALL the courts’ since Pres. Obama was denied many judges and denied the chance to fill Scalia’s seat. I can tell you one thing, no one, but republicans and the media, give 2 craps if Biden stacks the courts. I bet most people don’t even know how many are on the court now.

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 1 weeks

Most people have already made up there minds and won't change after anything that happens now. What people were really after was a drinking game and Biden's town hall was the perfect platform.

JMMA-Z 1 weeks

No one watched Biden come on. He is a total fool with no idea what he is doing or how he got there. No one wants to see that bullshit. I wouldn't be surprised if the same number of people tuned in for this as show up for his rallies. Lol

Steve 6 days

I think you watch a candidate to hear his plans, opinions, etc. Nobody has seen much of Biden.

Donald 6 days

Not True!! There were 6 times more people watching Trumps! Not to mention, Republicans watch BOTH debates, so half the Biden number. Pathetic. Biden is creep, ya'll need to come up with actual competition.

Csaba 6 days

Why is this news? Many people wanted to see how George S would ask easy questions. Top question on everyone's mind about his son was ignored. This sealed the deal for a Trump win!!!!

Hyruler 1 weeks

The story title and description has been edited to better suit the facts.

Ertuğrul 1 weeks

Sure buddy

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 1 weeks

Of course many are watching. Him taking is like a car accident! You just can't look away!

Don'tbackNV 1 weeks

Fakenewsvoice faking news again

Mozgus 1 weeks

On cable, not total viewers. Biden's 70+ aged audience use cable tv.

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