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James Johnson
James Johnson 1 weeks

If his comments were made by a conservative about Kamala, or Klobichar we would never hear the end of how sexist we all are.

Eileeñ 1 weeks

History has proven that you cant trust a judge that refuse to answer question and turns it hypothetical thats a red flag, look at Bill Barr he turned out to be Trump puppet in which right now Trump is disapounted on himself pardon us you crazy views cannot be use on over riding the cfc will off the people

Dave 1 weeks

I would suggest that any woman who takes on the label of handmaiden as a sign of submission to their husband does not have their own mind.

Clay 1 weeks

You can see that she's a wonderful pick for her to be on the United States Supreme Court, the democrats are showing just plain how demonic and their disdain for the country and the hatred and treasonous acts against GOD and Jesus Christ as well as the people that are Trump supporting and GOD ALMIGHTY loving people that are the children of God. The democrats hatred for the United States of America and Israel has GOD'S attention to the fullest. On God's judgment day they are going to regret everything they have done against this country and Trump right along with God's children. May God's judgment be swift upon all that's against GODS ways. AMEN AND AMEN.

dan 1 weeks

will the fear mongering ever end? 1 of the reasons I'm running from the left

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