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Daredevil dies during world record attempt

Daredevil dies during world record attempt

A daredevil has died in Washington after crashing while trying to break the world record for the longest motorcycle ramp jump. Alex Harvill, 28, died after an accident during a practice run on Thursday morning. He was planning to attempt the 351ft (107m) jump in front of spectators at the Moses Lake Airshow. A video of the incident shows his motorcycle landing shy of the intended target.

Matt 0 months

I can't imagine my life's work being something like this where you have something like a 90% chance you die in the process. Crazy there are people out there like that..... RIP dude, you died doing what you loved.

Eric 0 months

When I was a kid I remember watching my childhood Idol Evil Knievel jump over some crazy shit on a Harley Davidson XR 750 that had three inches of suspension travel and weighed in at 295 pounds. Lol the young folks today have a better chance than he did.

Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry 0 months

It's a tragic death, and I share my condolences with the family. That said, this "accident" (if one can call it that) has its root in a selfish pursuit of fame. That's all record attempts are... "I am better than [previous record holder] because I beat [previous record]." When are people going to stop taking self-serving risks that put the burden of failure on others? His wife is now a single mother of 2 young kids (one an infant). She either has to remarry or do double-duty with work and raising the kids. Also, he was 28, that robs those around him of 35 years of career work and that 35 + another 15 of social involvement (family, friends, etc). His kids lose that 50+ years of having a father. The one will never "know" their father at all. His death was totally self-serving. If he had made it, it would have fed his ego... but since he didn't, he isn't around to know the damage he's left behind.

Trevi 0 months

But, will his two young fatherless kids and undoubtedly traumatized wife eventually remember him as a heroic daredevil or a footnote in their lives?

Yankee 0 months

When we see people succeed in the entertainment world of sports spectacular , skydiving , racing and such . We celebrate momentarily and then proceed on to our activities. Not sure what to think of this . Hero ? Daredevil or just thrill seeker ? Either way I'm sure he's a legend to many . Prayers to his family .

MeanMax 0 months

I can't believe all of the Negative Nancy wimps here. This guy died young, and that's tragic to be sure. But to bash him for having the huevos to actually live his life instead of riding the couch playing video games is a crime. Some people are wired for adrenaline and that makes them exceptional. Ask yourself if you have the guts to take a risk that others are afraid of taking. Life is full of sheeps and wolves, and if you can reach down inside yourself and want to experience what life has to offer, be a wolf.

Nathan 0 months

comes with the territory, sadly. rip.

Mason 123
Mason 123 0 months

Did he do it tho?

Andy 0 months

It’s sad but kinda predictable

LetterJotter 0 months

Rest In Peace.

ozzy 0 months

this is fake news, he actually died from eating a slice of pie

Lev !🇺🇸 MINISTRY OF TRUTH 0 months

Am I the only one conflicted about this happening to a Glory Hound

Galen 0 months

Based jumping without a chute

jennifer 0 months

Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 0 months

I guess he got his name in the book. Died doing what he loved. RIP

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 0 months


Felipe Segura
Felipe Segura 0 months

Evel knievel could have done it.

Leonard 0 months

Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

Nate 0 months

Heres what pisses me off his kids and wife didnt matter to him enough for him to make the right decision to make sure hes there for them. He went out in style but ultimately is a coward. He created life then ran away from his responsibility.

Kelly 0 months

Very sad but at least he died knowing the risks and doing what he loved. Hopefully his friends and family are going to be doing alright.

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