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7 Chicago cops suspended for failure to investigate superintendent drunk driving

7 Chicago cops suspended for failure to investigate superintendent drunk driving

A year ago, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson was found asleep behind the wheel. He had consumed ’the equivalent of 10 alcoholic beverages,’ according to the report. Officers responding to the scene allowed Johnson to drive home. The seven officers involved have been suspended for their actions, according to a report issued Friday by the Chicago’s Office of the Inspector General.

William 1 weeks

So funny.....cops are humans. And I've never met a single human that liked a rat. They're not that different.., just have to much power. Law enforcement.... pawns for the Rich on a political Chess board.

Lev 6 days

My fellow Americans, Congratulations we have officially become yet another Banana Republic! Talk about the defunding the police and the need to do it,- even the goddamn janitor that works in the police station should be fired along with everyone else and the whole police department rebuilt from scratch! While you're at it, redesign the stupid checkered taxi looking striping on the police hats. Makes police officers look like fancy Bell boys or doormen at expensive hotels.

Jonathan 6 days

Keep each other accountable

Don'tbackNV 1 weeks

What about the superintendant

No Affiliation
No Affiliation 1 weeks

Noone should be above the law, including the top cop.

Glen 1 weeks

Did so called Top Cop turn in the other seven officers. If so what a hipacrit.

Top in U.S.