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California’s disaster assistance request for wildfires rejected

California’s disaster assistance request for wildfires rejected

California’s request for a disaster declaration for six destructive wildfires across the state was rejected by the Trump administration. The state has also declared that it plans to appeal the decision. California Governor Gavin Newsom had, in a letter dated September 28, said that infrastructure damage estimates exceeded $229 million, and that federal assistance is critical for recovery.

Glen 1 weeks

I thought California had the fourth largest economy in the world. Shouldn't they bail themselves out.

chuck 1 weeks

Hey California!!!! Deal with what you have !!! You made your bed now Lie in it !!!!

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 1 weeks

"Federal government shouldn't intervene when states and local governments make horrible decisions!" "The Federal government is responsible for cleaning up the mess of state and local governments!"

Mac 1 weeks

That's garbage, cali pays the most taxes out if any state by ten fold, then they use those taxes to bail out corporations and don't give back disaster relief? I don't care what party you are, that's disgusting. No wonder Trump is bombing the entire republican party right now, the guy is incapable of being competent.

michael 1 weeks

Another indicator that trump is not a president. A president does not make disaster relief a partisan issue.

Konrad 1 weeks

I spoke to a firefighter about this. I asked him if there was a way CA could constantly groom the forests to greatly lessen the chance of fires, like other states do. He said yes, but in CA it is such a political thing that their hands are tied to do that. (some feel doing that takes away from the forest, and so on.)

Rich 1 weeks

San Andreas will solve the California problem once and for all

TugboatTommy 1 weeks

Pretty misleading since their disaster declaration was actually approved yesterday.

Delterra 1 weeks

Who needs oxygen anyway

Shane 1 weeks

Maybe put some effort into controlled burning..

Will 1 weeks

Isn't it still his domain tho?

Qanonsense 1 weeks

Hey California is a blue state. Guess the people that live there deserve to suffer and die because if it. Trump is a partisan monster. He knows that helping out California will earn him no votes so he doesn't do it. Where as a REAL president would help out anyway because these are suffering Americans in need of help and helping them is the right thing to do.

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