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Obama to campaign for Joe Biden on Oct 21, in Philadelphia

Obama to campaign for Joe Biden on Oct 21, in Philadelphia

The presidential campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden said that former president Barack Obama is scheduled to campaign for the Democratic Presidential nominee in Philadelphia during the coming week, ahead of the November 3 presidential election against incumbent President Donald Trump. Additional details will be released later, Mr. Biden’s presidential campaign reported.

Robert_Clearwater 1 weeks

Go get all your celebrities, get your entertainers, your singers, thinkery loungers, dreamers, and pinkos, gather your aged-out politicians and your appointed chair force generals, write your little books about fire and fury, conduct your loaded polls from selected audiences, and by golly make sure you tamper with the mail! None of it matters because the people that make this country operate on a day to day basis love Trump and what he stands for. Your tradesmen, your truck drivers, your police officers, your roadpavers, the salt of the earth, these folks are the silent majority that keep the lights on and your refrigerators full of food.

Ingram 1 weeks

Throughout the general election campaign, Clinton consistently led Trump in fundraising. Through August 2016, Clinton, the Democratic National Committee and Clinton's main super PAC, Priorities USA Action, had raised more than $700 million, while Trump had brought in $400 million.

Stage 5 TDS
Stage 5 TDS 1 weeks

Obama is like watching a over advertised movie. When it first comes out everyone talks about how amazing it is and the ratings are up. Then when reality sinks in and the novelty wears off people realize the movie sucked and were just caught in the moment.

Justin 1 weeks

Trump was a result of Obama / Clinton. Not a good strategy for Joe.

Csaba 1 weeks

Good!!! When Obama touches it, it breaks!

Gman 1 weeks

What is this. Since when is this exceptable? Obama isn't running for office and isn't even a representative of squat anymore. Thank God. He needs to be investigated. The seal six story is bad. Really bad. How these people are willing to show there faces and B.S. the public is beyond me.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 weeks

Didn't work last time didn't it not to mention he's so out of his prime now.

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