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DoJ arrests 21 alleged white supremacist gang members on drug and gun charges

DoJ arrests 21 alleged white supremacist gang members on drug and gun charges

The US Dept. of Justice charged 21 alleged white supremacist gang members and associates in Utah with distributing methamphetamine and firearms. The Attorney’s Office in the District of Utah named three separate gangs: Soldiers of Aryan Culture, Silent Aryan Warriors and Noble Elect Thugs and said ’Many of the defendants’ have committed crimes in Utah ’for many years’ in a statement issued Friday.

Barry MC
Barry MC 1 weeks

Oh i'm sure Trump will pardon them because as we all know he has failed to denounce white supremacy. All the times where he has done it don't count according to the democratic party.

TexasReb 1 weeks

Whatever their thoughts are regarding their racial superiority are mostly irrelavent to the actual story of them being arrested for illegal activities. It's their actions that mandate that they be locked up and punished. The White Supremicist part is there to promote the "white people are racist" premise that's pushed by leftists amd to further racial division.

Green 1 weeks

Leave it to NPR to bring up right-wing extremist groups and the up coming election. Believe it or not we want these type of people gone to.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 weeks

Have any of them been in prison before? Seems to me that all of these organization exist because of the social order in prisons where Black Supremacists make up roughly speaking 85% of the inmates, Hispanics 10% and White criminal 5%. It seems to me that supremacist ideology is manufactured by the prison system as a direct result of punishment, not rehabilitation policies. Perhaps it is time to move to isolation and silence (No talking) policies. Make isolation and silence the standard policy of the prison system, not punishment and a MAD max social order. Studies have shown that when isolation and silence are applied 99% of violence, aggression, fear and violent thoughts disappear. Of course, mental health experts and those trained in isolation and silence need to be part of the rehabilitation program or should we say the de-indoctrination programs for these men.

Montgomery 1 weeks

Lock them up. It's unacceptable. But can we at least acknowledge that it's a response to blm and the burning of cities. ... continued Or are they creating these scenarios to flush out the last people who would appose?

Buck 1 weeks

So what..? There are always fringe thinkers. 21 people think Whites are Superior. I think there are more people than that who Still Think the Earth is FLAT! Get some prospective...

R3DK@ 1 weeks

It's actually pretty hilarious reading comments from people who rely on white privilege to sustain their way of life complain about equality.

Jon 1 weeks

The violent right wing terrorists are out of control in this country coddling big government police states, forced birth, plots to kidnap and murder elected officials, yikes.

ray 1 weeks

So...they didn't arrest white supremacists, in reality they arrested drug dealing, gun running thugs. Anyone who considers their race supreme wouldn't contribute to its downfall. But it makes for a good headline and narrat9ve for them to direct the idiot mob. Lol. This is pathetic. The entire news system is pathetic.

michael 1 weeks

Woot woot! Get 'em boys. Time for these entitled racial elitists to know fear. This is long overdue. I wonder how many are part of q anon's pedophilia ring?

David 1 weeks

I see there's a white supremacist focus by the media now. How convenient. I'm against white supremacists and all others hate groups, but what I see mostly is Antifa and BLM rioting, terrorizing people and burning cities. Local governments and the media seem to think it's just protesting, it's justified and their right to do it.... And they encourage it! Why aren't there headlines of radical Antifa and BLM cells being taken out? Anyone else see a disconnect here?

Mutatis 1 weeks

Gangs being arrested for gang things, but they were also white supremacists so let's title every article with that as the lead descriptor.

Seu 1 weeks

Isn't this the plot of a cheap 90s film?

karma 1 weeks

And Antifa gets another pass

NPC #2
NPC #2 1 weeks

Wow the names of these groups are pathetic. Silent Aryan Warriors, my god what happened to these people

Martin 1 weeks

The whataboutism in this comment section is very telling. Trump supporter telling. Amusing.

riheg 1 weeks

Radical left?

Dan 1 weeks

But they won't arrest BLM for burning businesses down.

themdg 1 weeks

Good. Get them and their dumb motivations outta here.

Antifa are terrorists
Antifa are terrorists 1 weeks

Drug and gun prohibition are unethical and unconstitutional. "Laws" passed prohibiting their use by or sell to willing adults should be rightfully ignored and actively resisted.

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