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Trump and Biden vie for attention in dueling town halls

Trump and Biden vie for attention in dueling town halls

President Trump and Joe Biden vied for voters’ attention Thursday with competing town halls. Commentators pointed out to dramatically divergent tone of the events on NBC and ABC. Trump was confronted on issues ranging from wearing masks to electoral fraud to his refusal to disavow extremist groups. Biden was pressed on his views around his comments on Black people, court packing, among others.

Maurice 1 weeks

"Don't boo, vote"

Csaba 1 weeks

We know Trump. Had to see if Biden gets any hardball questions!

Rocky 1 weeks

Journalistic malfeasance. That is what the abc public Biden massage/town hall was.

Don'tbackNV 1 weeks

Wrong trump got more total views

oda755 1 weeks

The article should read, the Nazi media went after Trump, and gave crazy Joe a pass

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 weeks

More than one hard drive. More than one source. More than one defector. The FBI has had three laptops that they have not investigated. This one Huner Biden's. Weiner's and DWS's Pakistani spy in congress laptop. The Russian interference wall is about to be debunked. That is all they have. Once blown through then the real news will pour forth. These are big hard drives. They have Beijing Bidens $4.5 billion price tag and much much more.

Joshua 1 weeks

The Headline of this story is nowhere in the linked articles. Is this a bug or just standard issue click-bait?

William 1 weeks

Biden, bought and paid for by the P.L.A. and every other country that donated to the Clinton's " charitable organization" lol.... hahahaha

Come on Man!!
Come on Man!! 1 weeks

And Biden is so out of it he didn’t even recognize them.

TheOtherBiden 1 weeks

This doesnt surprise anyone, does it?

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 weeks


Glen 1 weeks

This man has dementia, what did you expect them to do? There was no clones available.

edwin 1 weeks

Weird, it showed I updated this story, but I almost never update stories and I know I didn't update this one... wtf?

Indo 1 weeks

And the world awaits with bated breath. Forward or onward after this is over.

Adam 1 weeks

It’s so blatant, if they get away with this election I’m going to throw up! Americans are smarter than this.

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