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Famous star Betelgeuse is smaller and much closer than we thought

Famous star Betelgeuse is smaller and much closer than we thought

According to an international team of scientists led by researchers from The Australian National University and The University of Tokyo, Betelgeuse, one of the best-known stars in our sky, is around 25% closer to Earth than previously thought. The size of Betelgeuse is now pegged at about two-thirds of what was earlier believed, making it have a radius 750 times the radius of the sun.

Barry 1 weeks

Don't say it's name three times

TexasReb 1 weeks

"25% closer than previously thought". Further proof that, sometimes, science is wrong. Much like the scientific Covid-19 advice/mandates that's been given, changed and retracted.

Josue 1 weeks

Yo why is the xbox series x 2 out of the 3 links for this story lmao

Seekster 1 weeks

Hmm this is interesting news.

Doug 1 weeks

So if you say Betelgeuse three times, will Mayor Lightfoot magically show up?

Jason 1 weeks

Suuuure. Next your gunna tell me Pluto's not a planet.

Takumi 1 weeks

Where's Rem? Is she okay? Is she alright?

Joseph McHugh
Joseph McHugh 1 weeks

My brain... trembles.

Jason 1 weeks

What have the other x box articles fit to do with a star?

Jon 1 weeks

It's coming right for us!

William 1 weeks

So Scientist were wrong before in their previous statements regarding said 🌟??? No freaking way Scientist are always right.... until their wrong. On the""Bright sid"" no one died as a result of their previous""miscalculatio"". Stay tuned for science is indeed Rocket Science, and i''s always a changing.

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