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Trump changes course, approves California relief for 6 fires

Trump changes course, approves California relief for 6 fires

President Trump’s administration abruptly reversed course and approved California’s application for disaster relief funds to clean up damage from six recent deadly and destructive blazes. Gov. Gavin Newsom confirmed the same on Friday, thanking Trump for approving the aid. Neither Newsom nor the White House gave details on why the administration shifted its position.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 weeks

Should be conditional if they change their policy on conservation and forest management.

Ben 1 weeks

Unlikely he is changing course just making a decision after contemplating his options. Liberal media prints what they want to believe and believe what is written to be factual.

America 1 weeks

Haven't read the stories but closing my eyes and pointing the finger I'm inclined to believe he is now acting because federal land is being affected. Seems his logic in assistance thus far which, again, is his constitutional duty. Am I wrong?

Pryotra 1 weeks

Newsom thanking the president and suddenly Trump changes course on federal assistance? I smell a deal.

Paul 1 weeks

Narcissist Drumpf needs votes is the only reason he approved relief.

Randall 1 weeks

It's about damn time, Trump.

Daniel 1 weeks

The president probably didn't even hear about it until after some bureaucrat denied it the first time. He got it straightened out tho. Just a little communication issue I suspect.

porcus 1 weeks

I am disappointed. There should be NO federal aid given for poor land management. And the only federal monies that should ever be spent should be on federal properties alone.

William 1 weeks

Acts of a desperate child.

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