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Hissaturatedness 0 months

I guess I should somehow politicize this light-hearted news story to keep up with current comment practices First of all, Trump coulda probably stayed twice as long as this light-weight vegetarian liberal. What happened to the bacon? He afraid to offend Muslims, jeez! On second thought, he's obviously a Trumpster, cause everybody knows that redneck gun-toters hang out at Waffle House! What he failed to realize is that waffles are traditionally comfort/soul food so in essence he was supporting BLM. He should be ashamed that he cant pick sides Somebody needs to find out what kind of car he drives. A 4-wheel drive Prious with a gun rack probably Hope your happy spending your stimulus check on syrup and butter, asshat!

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 0 months

3 sources for this story? No real news going on in the world today?

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